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How to Give Twice the Christmas Gifts

By Crystal Arcand on December 17th, 2008

Many people are searching for ways to stretch their Christmas shopping dollars this year. When you factor in the concerns over the environment, it become rather difficult to come up with great gifts that don’t cost a fortune. Giving gifts with a charitable outlook helps you get more bang for your Christmas gift buck. Donating to a charity in some one’s name is a great gift to give to someone that means a lot to you. Find an organization for an issue that your recipient is passionate about and make a donation in his or her name. Most organizations will either send a card to you to you that you can give to the honoree, or send a card directly to the recipient.

Do you want to feed the hungry, help pay for mammograms or children’s health care, or contribute to literacy programs? Purchase gifts from companies that will make donations to these and other programs – like saving the rain forest or rescuing animals – based on your purchase. You can choose gifts that reflect the program you’re supporting, or something entirely unrelated – the selection at most of these sites is wide and varied.

For truly twice the gifts, buy an animal gift for a family in an impoverished area of the world in honor of someone this year. The family will get food and income from the animal, your recipient will be honored by your thoughtfulness and you’ll feel amazing knowing that you’ve given a family a hand up instead of a handout. You can’t get more for your money than that.

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