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Walmart Christmas Hours

By Amber Ortega on December 22nd, 2008

I must admit, despite the controversy, Walmart is one of my favorite stores.  There are many reasons I like shopping Walmart, including the great prices, coupon matching and convenience.

During the Christmas season Walmart brings even more convenience.  Most stores are open 24 hours throughout the entire season.  Although most stores are Super Centers and open 24 hours as a standard, throughout the holiday season many other stores also stay open the extended hours.  By staying open the additional hours, shoppers have the ability to shop at their convenience.

What does this mean to you?  To me it means a lot!  It means that regardless of what time I can get out of the house I can go and get Christmas presents.  It means even if my husband has to work late and I can’t get out of the house, I can go toy shopping at midnight if I need to.  It means when I am up at 4am starting food on Christmas morning and realize I forgot something, I can run to Walmart and they will be open.  No more paying $10 for a little can of this or that, I can go to Walmart and get the same thing for $1!

So whether you like shopping at Walmart or not, know that when you are in need if something, they will more than likely be available, 24 hours a day.  Before heading out, be sure to check to ensure your local store is open 24 hours.

(Photo Courtesy of Brave New Films)


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