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Keekaroo Vs. Stokke Highchair Review

By Kidglue Team on June 5th, 2009


Parenting definitely includes spending money and lots of it. From childcare, to baby food, to diapers, to an extra plane ticket for any child over two, these expenses can really add up. While there are definitely many reasons to spend money, there is no room for burning money. When it comes to baby gear, definitely spend time researching the competition—You may not only find good value, but also some extra money to take care of you for a change! A high chair is definitely one of those baby gear staples that you want to make sure is a good, solid purchase. The high chair needs to be safe, sturdy, comfortable, and easy to clean.

Notice, I didn’t say that it needs to be expensive! When I searched for my child’s ideal high chair, I fell in love with the Stokke Tripp Trapp. It was designed well, wooden, adjustable, and backed by a reputable company. It was also extremely expensive! On my mission to find a better product that would leave a smaller hole in our bank account, I stumbled across the Keekaroo high chair in the back advertising section of Parenting magazine. It offered a similar design and specs, but also offered me an extra $100 to spend on myself! I’ll admit– I probably spent my savings on diapers, onesies, A & D, and books promising to put my baby to sleep instead of getting my hair and nails done. Here’s how they stack up:


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  • Leslie

    I have the Keekaroo too and no complaints so far. It’s been great!

  • Tania

    I love the Keekaroo Highchair too … I bought my Keekaroo Stroller and Keekaroo highchair at – great service !

  • Dawn

    I love my keekaroo highchair and stroller. They are both great alternatives to higher priced items (stokke and McClaren) and I don’t feel like I sacrificed quality in any way. I love the wooden tray as well. I would recommend Keekaroo to anyone.

  • Joujou

    Well, few corrections to the above, and few addition, since above comp. chart was copied from Keekaroo website, so conveniently is skipping some of the futures:
    1). The age for Tripp Trapp is actually starting at birth now, since it has the infant set
    2). There is 12 available colors, not 10
    3). And the most important one: five point harness, which really makes a difference when you have an active, ever curious baby that starts to climb.

    Useless to say I love the Tripp Trapp, and it’s not only for the original design, but also for the colors. I just couldn’t picture my baby in Keekaroo since the colors were too gloomy, and not fitting with the design of our place. If you are price concerned, go for the Keekaroo, however if you want a fun colored high chair for your baby that will eventually make it to the child room as desk chair Tripp Trapp would be better and less boring option.

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