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Pisner Quintuplets All Grown Up

By Yosef Solomon on June 19th, 2009


Profiled in the latest Newsweek, the Pisner quintuplets aren’t little anymore. The four boys and one girl that seemed to successfully overcome the quint curse are back. Before the popularity of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Octomom, the Pisner quintuplets were the poster children of quint births in the 80’s.

Most of those before them succumbed to public ridicule and disdain for their rare quint qualities. One case in particular was that of the Dionne sisters. According to the Newsweek report, the girls had a tough life after being used for public display in Ontario, sexual abuse as children and ultimately two premature deaths.

The Pisner quintuplets on the other hand enjoyed a fairly normal childhood, besides a little national publicity. After making the cover of Life magazine in 1984 and doing interviews with Barbara Walters, the Pisner quints experienced it all. Today, they seem to get along great and at 26 years of age, still as close as ever.

Photo Courtesy Of: Newsweek

  • Jefferyc

    Wow I remember when they were born! Crazy!

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