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J.K. Rowling To Be Featured In Biographical Comic Book

By Akela Talamasca on September 8th, 2009

jkrowlingfemaleforceJ.K. Rowling, the wildly successful fantasy novel writer of the popular “Harry Potter” series, will be the subject of the next “Female Force” series of biographical comic books published by imprint Bluewater Productions.

The comic, which debuts in December, will describe Rowling’s history, from her struggles as a government-assisted mother to her failed book submissions to twelve separate publishers, to her meteoric rise to fame and fortune. Writer Adam Gragg says of Rowling “She is a remarkable and multi-dimensional woman. Learning about who she is and how she struggled to become a success was a truly enlightening experience.”

While some might deride claims that Rowling has helped exposed children to the joys of reading, it isn’t too far-fetched to believe. The literacy rate in this country is nothing to be proud of, compared with other countries. Whatever gets kids into a lifetime’s practice of reading is a good thing, regardless of the source. Interestingly, the decision to make this product a comic book would seem to suggest that there are enough comic book readers out there to make it a worthwhile project. Certainly other celebrities are receiving the same treatment, for good or ill. And while you may scoff at the idea of comic books as being a fit medium for ideas of literacy, remember that the inclusion of images does not necessarily dilute the power of good writing. Will the “Female Force: J.K. Rowling” comic be successful? We can only wait and see.


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