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8 Year Old Suspended Over Drawing Of Jesus

By Akela Talamasca on December 15th, 2009

jesusonthecrossIn a stunning display of wrong-headed thinking, an 8 year old student from Maxham Elementary School in Taunton, England was suspended for drawing a picture of Jesus Christ on the cross. His class was asked to draw a picture of something that reminded them of Christmas. The boy had recently been to a Christian retreat to see a Christmas display, so it’s likely that that was the source of the idea for his picture.

School officials apparently mistook the picture for a sign of mental instability, and not only suspended the child, but refused his re-entrance to school pending a psychological evaluation at his parents’ expense. Of course, there was no finding of threat, so the boy was readmitted to his class the following day, though not after feeling reluctant to return due to the traumatic event.

Let’s be clear on two points: 1) in Christian mythology, Jesus did die on the cross. The Crucifixion is the main element of the attendant iconography; and 2) There wouldn’t be a Christmas without Jesus Christ. So it’s incredibly short-sighted for the school to have punished this 8 year old for simply connecting the dots. Simply depicting an image that is both widespread and publicly available is neither a crime nor an example of instability. That the referring article links this incident with an earlier one at a different school in which a drawing showing actual violence is misleading.

It’s understandable in these times to be vigilant and cautious, but sometimes greater wrongs are committed in an excess of fear. Please, everyone, let’s temper our concerns with the judicious use of reason.

HP Releases Line of Printers and PCs Geared Towards African- American College Students go to website hp photosmart c4780

Wireless News July 12, 2009

Wireless News 07-12-2009 HP Releases Line of Printers and PCs Geared Towards African- American College Students Type: News

HP announced it has introduced a new line of printers and PCs specifically for African-American college students.

“HP wants to be a partner to parents looking for the right resources to help their children succeed in school,” said Lesley McNorton, manager, African-American Marketing, HP. “Our line of products is great for students, offering a combination of affordability, power, fashion and kindness to the environment.” The line of HP PCs include the following:

- The HP Pavilion dv2z is less than 1-inch thin and starting at 3.81 pounds.

- The HP Pavilion dv6t offers digital entertainment features and mobile technologies.

- The HP Pavilion dv3t includes extended battery life and a range of connectivity options for students. go to site hp photosmart c4780

The line of printing solutions include:

- The HP Photosmart Plus All-in-One wirelessly prints photos, web content and everyday documents – from class schedules to homework assignments.

- HP Photosmart C4780 All-in-One is a wireless printer that offers a color display with an HP TouchSmart frame, this printer delivers lab-quality photos, everyday prints, copies and photo reprints – all without a PC – and it uses ink cartridges made from at least 50 percent recycled plastic.

HP said all of these printers are part of the HP Eco Solutions program and carry the HP Eco Highlights label and have Energy Star qualification.

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