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Top Holiday Family Movies

By Crystal Arcand on December 25th, 2009


So I gave you my top 10 holiday family specials, but what about movies? There are almost as many holiday movies as there are specials, so I couldn’t just lump them all in together – the list would have been too long. These are the movies that define Christmas for me.

The Santa Clause – Tim Allen is Santa Claus for me now. There’s just something about the twinkle he gets in his eye in the Santa Clause movies. While I do enjoy the last two, the first is my favorite.

It’s a Wonderful Life – I could watch the last few scenes on a regular basis, and I completely enjoy the cops singing outside the window. This movie is the reason I hang two tiny bells on my Christmas tree every year.

Miracle on 34th Street (1947) – This classic is full of magic. Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwenn bring Christmas faith to life. Don’t watch the remake – nothing can improve on the original.

A Christmas Carol (1999) – Maybe it’s my utter infatuation with Patrick Stewart, but he makes Scrooge more believable to me, rather than being a mere morality tale device. It’s a thoughtful rendition that gives a peek into the back story. And it’s Patrick Stewarthello!

The Polar Express – Christmas magic. Pure. Unadulterated. Magic. If this doesn’t spark the fires of Christmas and adventure in your heart, nothing will.

The Nativity Story – In the scheme of things, nothing else matters more than Jesus. I love the realness to this film: Mary is young and scared, Joseph is conflicted, both are determined to arrive, in so many ways.


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