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Finding Entertainment Appropriate for Kids: ‘Youth in Revolt’ & more

By Germain Lussier on January 8th, 2010


“Finding Entertainment Appropriate for Kids,” or FEAK, runs every Friday and discusses places – mainly the movie theaters – where parents can look to find things for their kids to watch over the weekend.

January 8th marks the first weekend of the 2010 movie going season and even though your kids are back at school, you still need to know what is appropriate and worth your hard earned dollar. Guess what? We are here to oblige.

There are three wide releases this weekend and none of them are exactly kid friendly. One of the films, “Youth in Revolt,” might sound like a family movie but trust us – it’s not. It stars Michael Cera as a timid young man who creates an evil double persona to help him get the girl of his dreams. The film is rated R, and rightfully so. However, “Youth in Revolt” has been advertised all over the place and your kids might ask you about it. Unless they are in high school and you are okay with them seeing partial nudity, hearing bad language, and reveling in mass destruction, we suggest you tell them “No.”

Then there’s “Leap Year,” a PG rated romantic comedy. So you might think, “This would be perfect to take my daughter too.” And content wise, it probably is. Unfortunately, the film is getting some of the worst reviews we have ever read. Here are some examples.

“Recycled plot, lame sight gags, Leprechaun-like stock Irish characters. The charms of Amy Adams rescue ‘Leap Year’ from Truly Awful status.” – Richard Roeper
“Do not be surprised if you find yourself praying for the sweet release of death.” – Cinematical

“There is formula and then there are bloodless, make-work projects like this one.” – Movieline

So what to do? Well, we suggest looking at the films that were released in the past few weeks that we highlight such as “Avatar,” “Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel,” “Sherlock Holmes” or “The Blind Side.”

Or wait a week or two. We will have exclusive reviews of upcoming family films “The Spy Next Door” with Jackie Chan and “The Tooth Fairy” with The Rock.


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