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PHOTOS: ‘The Spy Next Door’ Starring Jackie Chan

By Germain Lussier on January 14th, 2010


Jackie Chan is the definition of an international superstar. Anywhere he goes in the world, he is mobbed by fans of his wild martial arts. However, most of the time, his films aren’t very kid-appropriate. Until now.

“The Spy Next Door” hits theaters this week and it stars Chan as a spy who is given the toughest mission of his career: babysit his girlfriend’s three kids. Sure it doesn’t sound too spectacular, but the movie is pretty entertaining with a good dose of action and morals to get parents and kids excited.

So here’s the deal. Check out all of these photos, click this bright blue link to enter our “Spy Next Door” giveaway contest for free movie tickets, spy gear and more, and then read our review which will be published Friday.

Then – definitely go see “The Spy Next Door.”


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