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VIDEO: ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ Trailer

By Crystal Arcand on January 22nd, 2010


Diary of a Wimpy Kid has been a hit with underdogs all over America. While it’s set in middle school, even my nine-year-old elementary schooler loves the series. The story of young Greg Heffley and his miserable school years strikes a chord with the masses of kids (particularly boys) that aren’t part of that small percentage of popular, strong, athletic kids.

Now the kids that fall in that category, but don’t read, can see and relate to Greg. Hotel for Dogs director Thor Freudenthal led this live-action incarnation of Jeff Kinney’s books and the trailer is out today. Zachary Gordon takes on the title character, not quite matching the look of the drawn Greg, but still fittingly wimpy. The cast also includes Steve Zahn, Robert Capron, Rachael Harris, and Devon Bostick. Not a huge list of well-knowns, but it doesn’t look like that will affect the movie. Some of my favorite movies have been ones with nary a recognizable name.

The movie is slated for an April 2 release. If you can’t wait that long, on March 16 you can check out The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary – a making-of book that Kinney decided to write to share his fascination with the movie-making process with kids. He promises that it will “will entertain and inform kids.” It will have all the classic movie tie-in book features: color stills, storyboards, and concept drawings. Kinney, who is also an executive producer of the film, added some of his own illustrations to the book as well, making it a must-have for the book series collectors out there.

Even as a parent that hasn’t read the books, I’m looking forward to seeing the movie based on the trailer. What do you think?


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