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‘Crochet for Haiti’ Encourages Kids to Use Hobbies to Help

By Kelly Turner on January 28th, 2010

Crochet_for_Haiti_300x300Chloe Moretz, the 12-year-old star of the upcoming movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is using her favorite hobby to help thousands of victims from the Haiti Earthquake.

“When I saw the photos from Haiti, I was so heartbroken, I cried,” she told “It devastated me so much to think of these poor people that had their life and then it all just crumbled in front of them, literally.”

Moretz started Crochet for Haiti! with her brother Colin. They took their average everyday talent and turned it into a way to raise money for the Haitian relief efforts. The Moretz’s crochet creations include a crocheted heart necklace, little ducks and other animals, are available to order on their Facebook page. Every penny earned will benefit Haitian relief.

Take some time to click through what they have to offer: they are actually some really talented little kids.

A lot of help has been pouring in to help the citizens of Haiti, but much more is needed. Kids can often feel powerless in these situations because they don’t feel they have enough money to make a difference. Fund raising is always an option, and often kids can raise thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars if they really put their mind to it.

If your kids want to help, but just aren’t sure how, it’s as easy as finding something they are good at, or a service to provide, and asking people to donate. Kids can sell lemonade, mow lawns, walk dogs, make lanyards, make key chains or friendship bracelets, anything that other people can buy or donate for. It’s as easy as making a Facebook page, or even just making signs and posting up in the front yard, and get fund raising!

  • Crystal Arcand

    This is totally awesome – not to mention incredibly inspiring!

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