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TV for You and Me – January 31- February 6

By Crystal Arcand on January 30th, 2010

Don’t worry about digging through the television schedule – we’ve already pored through it for you and figured out the what to watch question!

*Note: All times listed are Eastern. Check your local listings to confirm  air times.

Sunday, January 31 -

7:00 – iCarly – iWas a Pageant Girl (Nickelodeon) – Sam was a beauty queen?! Apparently so, and now she wants Carly to compete against her old rival. Spencer and Freddie get their own competition going with double-dating.

7:00 – Nova – The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies (PBS) – Stockard Channing narrates the exploration of the annual migration of monarch butterflies, including a look at a built-in GPS that guides them to remote mountains in central Mexico.

Wednesday, February 3 -

5:00 – Most Extreme – Hissy Fits (Animal Planet) – Check out nature’s biggest grumps, including a rhino and a grizzly bear.

8:00 – The Color of Friendship (Disney) – (PG) A black family hosts a white South African exchange student who thinks blacks are second-class people. Use this movie based on actual events from the 1970’s to continue the discussions you began on MLK day.

Thursday, February 4 -

5:00 – Most Extreme – Living Dead (Animal Planet) – Be amazed by the 10 animals that “play dead” the best.

8:00 – Jump In! (Disney) – A boxer with promise is also a great double Dutcher and joins a jump-rope team with three girls without telling his dad.

Saturday, February 6 -

5:30 – A Family Is a Family Is a Family: A Rosie O’Donnell Celebration (HBO) (video at top) – Rosie looks at the evolution of families and discusses the different kinds of families with kids.


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