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Doppelganger Week on Facebook

By Bridget Tyler on February 2nd, 2010

Abigail_Breslin-MDWondering why your daughter has been obsessing all week about whether she looks more like Taylor Swift or Reese Witherspoon? Wonder no more – it’s Doppelganger Week on Facebook. That means that the Facebook masses have been replacing their profile pic’s with pictures of celebrity look alikes.  Your daughter’s not the only one who is obsessed. This Facebook trend has spread like wildfire through school hallways and office buildings alike.  Finding your own Doppelganger is only half the fun – dissecting your friends and neighbors choices provides endless entertainment.  ”Does she REALLY think she looks like Kate Moss? REALLY?”

Bob Patel, the young Facebook IT worker who thought up this internet phenomenon, came up with the idea after his coworkers started calling him “Tom Selleck.” The fact that he’s a young Indian man couldn’t stop the new nickname from sticking – “I don’t know, maybe it’s the mustache.” Bob suggested to Alex Grossman in an interview for the Huffington Post.

But Bob wasn’t going to suffer alone, so he created “Doppelganger Week” to spread the love.  It’s gone viral, rivaling the “bra color” trend in which women updated the color of bra they were wearing to their Facebook status‘ in order to raise awareness of breast cancer.  Not sure who your celebrity twin is? Try the “Face Double” application.

What’s next? Well, according to Mr. Patel, “Doppelganger Week” has been way more popular than “Post a Profile Photo of Your Favorite Norse God Week,” so we suspect it won’t be “Compare Yourself to a Founding Father Week” or “What’s Your Favorite Math Problem Week.”

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