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Condoms Designed for 12 Year Olds?

By Bridget Tyler on March 8th, 2010

We’ve all heard the recommendations that we should start talking to our kids about sex really, really early – but do we need to start buying them condoms before they get out of middle school? One Swedish company thinks so.

Swiss Condom Maker Lamprecht AG  started its new extra small condom line after a study by the Swiss Federal Commission for Children and Young uncovered a sharp up-tick in the number of children between the ages of 12 and 14 having sex and getting pregnant.  Nysse Norballe, a spokesperson for Lamprecht, says that the company would like to expand to other markets, especially the UK which has the highest rate of underage conception in Europe.

15 year old British girl Chantelle Stedman makes Norballe’s point rather handily – she gave birth in 2009.  Originally, she thought Alfie Patten, 13, was the father.  DNA tests showed he was not, which means that not only was she sexually active at age 14 and before, she was sexually active enough that she didn’t know exactly who the father of her child was.

Researcher Nancy Bodmer, who ran a UK study at the Centre for Development and Personality Psychology at Basel University, told the Telegraph that they were shocked to find that young boys neither have well developed sexual knowledge nor have much sense of responsibility should they get a girl pregnant.  Their research concluded that early prevention – aka child sized condoms – only made sense.

Lest you think that this concern is only applies to slutty European tweens, a quarter of 15 year old American girls and just short of 30% of 15 year old American boys have already had sex.   Approximately 4 in 10 young women in the U.S. have become pregnant at least once before turning 20 and childbearing teens cost the U.S. taxpayers almost 7 billion dollars every year for social services and lost tax revenues.

  • Sara Welsh

    While the conservative in me wants to lock these kids in their rooms and homeschool them all until their 18, I kind of understand this company’s line of thinking. Kids whould be educated by their parents about sex, where babies come from, etc, from a young age (it really depends on the child but I’d say from when the child starts noticing the opposite sex). Maybe having condoms available will lower the chances of babies having babies. I think it will depend if stores sell them to underage kids.

  • Jeanne

    While it makes sense, I cannot imagine what boy would buy an “extra small” size. I know men who don’t need to but insist they need those Magmum XL ones.

  • Rachel Green

    how much are they? Because if they are to expensive kids will not want to buy them. They wont tell their parents to get them because of course they will not want them to know that they are having sex.

  • Steve

    I wouldn’t think price would be an issue. It’s more likely that schools and youth clubs would dispense them free of charge.

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  • Sharks182

    It is incredible nobody has noticed this in the comments.
    That the author hasn’t had his/her article proofread.
    Sweden is a country in Scandinavia. Switzerland lies in central Western Europe.
    Typical American fear and patronisation are better served without the errors making it too cliché for South Park.


    Swede that has travelled enough to be pissed about this shit.

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