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PlayStation Move Is Here!

By Bridget Tyler on March 11th, 2010

Sony’s answer to the Nintendo Wii has arrived.  It’s called the PlayStation Move, and we gotta say it looks pretty cool.  But is it ACTUALLY as cool as the Wii?  That remains to be seen.

PlayStation Move has a handheld controller with a glowing orb on top that works with the PlayStation Eye Camera to track movements like punches, sword strokes and tennis swings.  The Move also has the normal controller buttons for things like first person shooter games that require a trigger for gamers to pull.

The Move was introduced on Wednesday at the 2010 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.  It will be available for public consumption late in 2010, though an official date hasn’t been announced yet.  You’ll be able to buy your Move in three different packages – a starter pack that includes the PlayStation Eye, PSMove and a game; a stand-alone controller package for people who already have PSEye; or as part of a full PS3 console pack including the console, PSMove controllers and the PSEye camera.  There is no firm price yet, but the starter pack will be under $100 according to Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Peter Dille.

There is also a second wand called the sub-controller that will be available.  The sub-controller has an analog control stick that you hold in one hand while the other manipulates the PSMove want.  This will allow easy control of in-game avatars. Both controllers will connect with your console via Bluetooth.

Several family oriented games have been promised for the new system, including Move Party (working title) and several sports titles including archery, table tennis and Roman Empire-style gladiator combat.  Move won’t be Wii’s only competition for long, Microsoft is expected to release its new motion control system for the Xbox 360 later this year.  They call it Project Natal and unlike the Move and the Wii, it won’t require a peripheral controller to detect real world movements and use them in the game environment.


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