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APRIL FOOLS 2010: Justin Bieber Buys ‘Funny or Die’

By Bridget Tyler on April 1st, 2010

The famous comedy site “Funny or Die” is now, “Bieber or Die” because, as Bieber puts it in one of the videos he’s posted on his new acquisition, “If it’s not Bieber, it dies.”  The teen pop mega star, who has been known to cause riots in shopping malls and always leaves his legions of young fans (and their mom’s) dying for more, is embracing his fame and all of the perks that go with it.  Bieber’s video announcement, one of 11 plus new Bieber driven videos added to “Bieber or Die,” features Bieber proclaiming “I’m a star. I do what stars do. I ride on yachts. I autograph lady lumps. And I pay people to slap them…So remember, this is Bieber’s world.  You’re just living in it. Bieber or Die.”

The site also features new offerings for Bieber fans like “Justin Bieber Screensaver,” Bieber After the Dentist,” “OMG Bieber vs. Chuck Norris vs. Bear,” “Bieber Bucket,” Bieber Takes a Tumble,” “OMG Bieber vs. OMG Cat” and “Dramatic Bieber.”

Of course, it is April 1st.  April Fools Day. So it’s just possible that Justin Bieber and the comedy masters at Funny or, oops, excuse us, “Bieber” or Die are fooling us.  The tradition of internet April Fools pranks is a robust and long standing one, in part due to Google’s infamous April Fools Day prank tradition. Google’s prank for the day appears to be their announcement that they’ve changed their company name to “Topeka” in return for Topeka, Kansas’ having changed its name to Google for the month of March as part of a bid to be a part of Google’s “Fiber For Communities” program, which will provide a selection of towns across the country with Fiber Optic super speed internet.  Last year Google promised users the ability to “predate” emails using a “e-flux capacitor to resolve issues of causality.”  YouTube is also joining in the April 1st fun, informing the internet that it is finding video too taxing for it’s servers and instead switching to a text based video technology.  Check out the results here.

Happy April Fools!

  • maya hunter

    you is one sexy boy

  • maya hunter

    do you have a girlfriend

  • Morgan Cheyenne

    hey justin i love ur new album and i just wanted to say that i wish u could her my lil twin sis sing cause shes really good

  • Peyten

    im 8 so don’t be sayin BAD stuff now but he is so dang BEATIFUL……LOLOLOLOLOL…????!!!!

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