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Mysterious ‘Oriental Yeti’ Trapped in China

By Bridget Tyler on April 7th, 2010

A decidedly odd creature that was captured in a remote wooded area in Sichuan Province in China last week has caught the world’s attention.  Mostly because it’s been dubbed a “Yeti.” The beast doesn’t look much like Bigfoot though, or at least like what the public imagination has constructed that supposedly mythological creature to be.

One of the hunters who found this, “Oriental Yet,” Lu Chin, told the Times of London that, “It looks a bit like a bear but it doesn’t have any fur and it has a tail like a kangaroo.”  American eyes may see more Chihuahua than bear in the strange animal’s long nose and pricked, triangular ears. This familiar yet alien looking creature has a certain charm that definitely tugs at the heart strings.  Apparently the creature’s calls have the same effect – according to hunter Lu Chin, “It has a voice like a cat and it’s calling all the time — perhaps it is looking for the rest of its kind or maybe it’s the last one.”

The creature has been shipped to Beijing, where it will undergo DNA testing.  Experts are already making educated guesses as to the animal’s origins.  According to Loren Coleman, a cryptozoologist and author of 17 books about strange creatures, including legends like Bigfoot, thinks that the “Oriental Yeti” is likely to be a kind of civet, a small carnivorous animal that has a lot in common with the mongoose.

“My guess is this animal is either an Asian palm or Himalayan palm civet,” Coleman told AOL News.  ”It’s a kind of weasel-like animal that eats other small animals.  Civets are really an animal all to themselves.”  Coleman attributes its lack of fur to mange, a common skin disease caused by mites.  Coleman says he’s sure that the DNA tests will show that the so called yeti is “in no way anything extraordinary.”

  • kim

    Is this a rare find? Maybe. Why do we always have to experiment on the unknown. Yes science is amazing and helps us beyond my own comprehension. Look at what conditions this innocent animal is in. And for what science? Being injected with drugs for testing. For those that believe in aliens and may even fear them…well fear not. We are that species that probes other species for our gain, er “to collect data/knowledge”.

  • Natalie Kurth

    Are people really this retarded? Your “yeti” is merely a civet with a serious case of mange! Take him to a vet and get him treated!

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