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How You Carry Your Child Can Set Them Up For a Lifetime of Hurt

By Kelly Turner on April 13th, 2010

Your child could suffer back pain for the rest of their life, and it could be because of the way you carry them.

According to Esther Gokhale, pain expert and author of “8 Steps to a Pain Free Back“, the way you carry your child could affect their posture habits for life, which in turn can set them up for a lifetime of lower back pain, the number one complaint doctors see today.

According to Gokhale, modern societies have lost the knowledge of natural posture and movement to prevent pain and enhance one’s health. This natural posture becomes lost over time, as repetitive misalignment and imbalance in movement becomes a habit at a very early age. Today‚Äôs parents and grandparents have lost the generational wisdom for carrying children the right way, thus pass these habits onto their children. Carrying your child in an improper way will ingrain painful posture habits into their little brains and bodies that may set them up for a lifetime of hurt.

To hold your child properly and give them good posture habits for life, Gokhale recommends:

1. Lengthen your child’s back during his growing years. For younger children, carry them in ways where their lower bodies suspend downwards while they are being gripped around the ribcage. For older children, provide them with monkey bars, swing them around and around or suspended between parents.

2. When carrying your child in a seated position, make sure his “tail” is behind him, not tucked under him.


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