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Jordan Romero, 13, to Climb Mount Everest

By Bridget Tyler on May 21st, 2010

Jordan RomeroJordan Romero decided that he was going to mount the 7 summits, the highest peak on each continent, before he turned 16 when he was only 9.  His Dad, Paul Romero, who is mounting Everest with him this week, says that Jordan’s determination to climb the 7 summits out of the blue one day.  ”One day I picked up Jordan from school, he hopped in the car and we weren’t 100 yards down the street before he looked at me and he said ‘Dad, I want to climb the seven summits,” Paul said.

The pair, along with Paul’s girlfriend Karen Lundgren, have plenty of experience with climbing – they’re only 2 mountains shy of their goal now.   Paul and Karen are professional adventure racers and Paul is also a flight paramedic who specializes in altitude physiology and related care.  They believe that Jordan has enough experience, and they are able to take close enough care of him, to make the Everest experience safe.

Some experts, however, believe that taking a child Jordan’s age up Everest is tantamount to child abuse.  The mountain is notoriously dangerous – climbers die there pretty much every year.  Jordan and his family may face sub-zero temperatures, ferocious storms and sweeping ice avalanches.

If Jordan makes it, he’ll hold the record for the youngest person to climb Everest.  Jordan thinks he’s ready, and he passionately wants to make the climb, record or no.  ”I am climbing because I love the mountains and love climbing. I want to inspire other kids to set big goals and be healthy. I want to be an example for them.”  He’s just thrilled to be on Everest and see the incredible peak.

“I’ve met climbers from China, the U.K., Austria, Belgium, South Africa, Russia and Tibet,” he said. “Everyone has been supportive; age has not been a factor other than I have to do homework when I’m here.”

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