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McDonalds Shrek Glasses Recall 2010 Due to Cadmium

By AAyles on June 4th, 2010

If you’ve been to McDonalds lately and you bought your kids a collectible Shrek glass, you might be one of the 12 million people who were sold 16-ounce Shrek glasses that contained cadmium.

McDonalds is recalling 12 million Shrek Forever After 3D collectable drinking glasses because the paint used in the design of the glasses contain the toxic metal cadmium.

If you’ve purchased the 16-ounce collectibles, the fast food chain is urging you to stop using them.

Shrek Forever After 3D Collectable Drinking Glasses

What is cadmium and how can it affect your children?

The toxic metal, according to Wikipedia, “has no constructive purpose in the human body and its compounds are extremely toxic, even in low concentrations.”

In the CPSC recall, it’s noted that “long-term exposure to cadmium can cause adverse health effects.”

Research also shows that this toxin is carcinogenic and can potentially lead to bone softening and severe kidney damage.

All details of the recall can be found on the official CPSC website.

  • Audrey

    Will they make new ones?! Because I love the Shrek glasses and this is bogus that I have to suffer in not having something I wanted because of the decor on the glasses, because some jerk used the wrong frickin’ paint! I’M pissed! Not to mention, how long have they know about it, because I just bought 4 of them a few days ago…I have a 6 year old for cryin’ out loud!

  • Naomi

    I agree, Audrey. I myself only bought one (I was planning on getting the rest later). My little sister was going to do the same thing when this recall hit. I wasn’t planning on using mine to drink out of, so I’d like to have the rest. I don’t want my money back, I want my damn glass!

  • kay

    Thats great to know!! ( sarcasm) My daughter already has kidney infections. My God!!!! I havent been to Mc Donalds in ages and decided to bring some for my daugher, who doesnt eat the food but loves the toys.. and to find this news!! its absolutely upsetting!!

  • Joyce

    I bought the glasses went to so many different Mcdonalds to find them and I have them on display in the kitchen, I was not going to use the to drink cause I did not want my 2 or 3 year old to break them haha so I will keep them since I am using them as a decoration.

  • Apletikosic

    What about the glasses from the Shrek The Third? Are they also toxic?

  • Josey

    I wish the someone would recall the movie.


    I’ve already drank out of my glasses? Do I still return them? Do the old glasses have the same toxins? These are my favorite glasses to use.

  • Annie Feltmate

    I have a 16 year old step-daughter that bought one and drinks out of it all the time. what is the time period from when you start using the cup to the point you get sick? if you do get sick at all..

  • Stephanie Wardrip

    I’ve got three of these glasses that my husband drinks out of all the time. He has recently started getting sick! Need I remind you he never gets sick. My kids have drank out of them from time to time. What are you going to do about it if the sickness is related to the paint on the glasses!

  • Amber

    I agree with Apletikosic….I have the glasses from Shrek the 3rd. I would really like to know if they are harmful as well. Anyone know??

  • Angela

    I have a 9 yr old I bought the Puss in Boots cup for and that is his favorite cup and now I have to take it away from him??? Tell me, how do I explain it to him that I have to take away his favorite cup because the company that made it used a toxic metal in the paint that could harm him. There was no reason to use Cadmium in the first place, especially when you think about it… HELLO CHILDREN WILL MOST LIKELY BE USING THESE GLASSES! I hope they will be making replacement glasses because my son will want his replaced and I am sure many of the 12 million out there that have already bought theirs would like theirs replaced as well.

  • Christian Villa

    i am very disappointed in this recall. Shrek is my favorite movie series and i have a very large collection of Shrek items, and the four cups for Shrek Forever After that i bought made an excellant piece to my collection. Now i have to get rid of them? I am still wondering what to do about this…

  • Malific

    The link provided above to the CPSC website is simply they’re report that the item is being recalled, and why. NOT they’re results from testing.

    McDonald’s did all required tests during manufacture and the glasses passed all requirements and safety protocols, and still do. This recall is happening ONLY because a politician got involved not because you children are in danger, because your children are not in danger.

    You’ll notice anywhere these stories talk about the toxicity they are always referring to what calcium is capable of doing, NOT what these glasses are capable of doing. That’s because the glasses are safe, and most of the articles were written after the recall but before any tests were done by the CPSC.

    Yes McDonald’s recalled the glasses before any tests were done, again the reason is political fallout, there is no actual danger in these glasses.

  • rach

    after drinking out of these glasses for 4 days i got a sevre fever chills kidney bladder and uniary inf… Which i havent ever had problems with. Had a kidney stone once a few years back and unrinary inf like 6 years ago and never a bladder or the other inf i got ever befor i was in bed sick for almost 2 weeks i was weak and felt very heal.

  • Justin leonard

    No, They are not makeing new ones. If they did they would make new ones fast so if people brought in the old ones they could get a new one in exchange.

  • jon moore

    I think mcdonalds is just trying to kill us or make us unhealthy

  • Tina Love

    I’m keeping my sets of Shrek glasses put away with all my other Collector glasses. That’s why they call them “Collector Glasses!” Being a responsible parent, I have never allowed my children to drink out of a “glass” until they were much older. Reading previous comments, it’s obvious that lots of people are going to get mysteriously ill with the same symptoms from exposure to Cadmium. Poor McDonalds execs, these losers are gonna be coming out of the woodwork looking for a lawsuit now. Over a stinking drinking glass!!!

  • Anonymous
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