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Karate Kid 2010: Already Preparing For A Sequel

By Heather on June 16th, 2010

After a wildly successful opening weekend with $56 million in ticket sales, executives at Columbia Pictures are scrambling for a seKarate Kidquel for Karate Kid.

The first installment of the popular remake stars Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, as Dre, a young boy from Detroit who moves to China with his Mom and incurs the wrath of the neighborhood bully.  He makes an ally in the form of his aging maintenance man, Mr. Han (played by Jackie Chan), a Kung-Fu master who shows him the secrets of self defense.

Since 2010’s Karate Kid closely mirrors the plot of the 1984 original, it is likely that its sequel will also follow a similar storyline as 1986’s Karate Kid II.  If that is the case, expect the second Karate Kid Film to begin where the first left off (spoiler alert!) – just after Dre defeats his rival Cheng in a Kung-Fu tournament.  Also look for Karate Kid II to reveal much more details about the life of Mr. Han as he continues to teach Dre important life lessons. 

Surely the studio will have another blockbuster on their hands.

  • Spoiled

    Show me a real actor, one who actually worked to get where they are today instead of these over privileged brats. I will not be seeing this movie instead will taking my kids to see Toy Story 3.

  • Jeremy

    Right off the bat you know how bad this movie is. In the trailer they establish he is going to learn Kung-Fu. So calling him the Karate Kid is a complete lie

  • tim

    I wouldn’t really say he didn’t work to get where he is. He has already had plenty of roles in different movies and his acting isn’t bad for someone of his age. Dont be so quick to judge after watching a movie trailer i thought people were smarter then that.

  • Rob

    for you to say he’s a terrible you for sure haven’t seen the movie and sounds like you jealous of his life style LMFAO who cares about the title last time i checked you’re not a movie expert and a title doesn’t make a movie.The new karate kid is 10x better then the old one and the old one was fucking amazing.

  • Jay Pimentel

    I can’t wait to see it!!!
    They should bring it to New York City!!!(Washington Heights!!!)
    That Would Be Hot!!!

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