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The Facebook Movie “The Social Network” Trailer (Watch)!

By Bridget Tyler on July 16th, 2010

You might think you know everything there is to know about Facebook.  You know you can find your friends there.  You know you can waste hours on games like Farmville and Zombies vs. Ninjas.  You know your kids are obsessed with it – peek in the email inboxes of many of the under 18 set and you’ll find that the only email they’re getting that is NOT a Facebook alert is probably from “grown ups” like teachers, parents or tutors.  But watch the new trailer for David Fincher’s upcoming film, “The Social Network,” and you’ll find that you don’t know anything… yet.

That’s exactly why this film is going to be a must see for anyone who uses Facebook, or has a child who uses Facebook.  The first full length trailer for the film was released this week and it promises to bring along everything a great movie should have – drama, intrigue, emotion, excitement – in its discussion of the origins of the social networking revolution and how it has changed the world, for better or worse.  Not only will this film reveal the history of the omnipresent Facebook for you to discuss with your teens, it will open up a very important conversation about the implications and consequences of social networking.

It’s nearly impossible to keep teenagers out of the social networking world, but you can make sure they truly understand it and “The Social Network” promises to be a great tool to help parents do that.  Oh, and it also seems like it’s going to be a damn good movie too!

  • Laura

    Yeah… The Social Network trailer is interesting, but…Ha!
    For a better laugh, check out DAVID IPPOLITO’s hilarious new song FACEBOOK IS A STUPID IDIOT on YouTube

    It’s just FUN! (And so true!)


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