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Jackie Evancho America’s Got Talent: Was she Lip-Syncing (Watch)?

By AAyles on August 13th, 2010

Jackie Evancho, the 10-year-old opera singer who stole the hearts of viewers on this season of America’s Got Talent, is under some public scrutiny this week after fans reveal that they’re convinced she was lip syncing.

Despite the allegations, Jackie stood on stage an belted out another performance for the audience this week but rumors that Evancho was a fake continued to fuel headlines.

When being judged after the incident, Howie brought up the rumors and asked Jackie to sing for the camera something random. She belted out a note and put all of the rumors to rest.

Are there still some people out there convinced Jackie Evancho was lip-syncing? Sure. Am I one of them? No.

Look at this adorable little girl and listen to her amazing voice. Let’s let her have her moment to shine. She deserves it.

Take a look at the CNN video below for all the details around the lip-syncing controversy:

  • Marty

    She sounds like Katherine Jenkins.

  • SueW

    Of course she was lip syncing… they do not have an orchestra on stage at “America’s got talent” so her song was obviously recorded previously… that part was a no brainer. The part which I am wondering about as a teacher of 50 years, is, was her voice track computer enhanced which is relatively easy to do with digital recording equipment. I would betcha it was because I know what a 10 year old voice should sound like and hers had a maturity you do not hear in a 10 year old which only comes (not from talent but) from AGING. But you know, I’m open… have her sing “live” with a piano and then, we will all know the truth, won’t we? Any bets she’ll do it? no bets… unless the story goes viral… :) Uh, did you watch the movie “Game Show”? Even in the 1950’s TV was fake and they can fake it much better now of course, with the magic of computers! :)

  • Greg Matthews

    I agree with SueW. It’s painfully obvious that she was lip synching during her performance on Tuesday night.

  • StanO

    You have to remember, all great singers sing from their diaphragms, not their lips. Watch all opera singers sing, they all look like they’re lip syncing! It’s because they’re singing from deep down, rather then their lips/mouths. Just watch and listen to some of Jackie’s other videos and it’s obviously her voice!

  • Dave

    Why??? Why??? … What would be the reason for her to lip syncing??? You people are totally Nuts… Get a life!!!

  • Pacificsharp

    Does not look lip synced at all. She was singing live just like every other singer on the show. The only difference is that she is good and the other ones screw up. You guys are just hatters. I hope she looses though she is much to good for Vegas.

  • Harold


    What does having an orchestra have anything to do with. There’s these things “recording’s that people can sing to.

    Do you seriously think a 10 year old, her first time on a national stage, would have the composure to lip sync??

    Also I’ve been following Jackie for about one and a half years, and have no doubt her parents would never agree to Jackie faking her singing.

    Go to Jackie’s YouTube channel and watch the video of her singing with David Foster and a live band.

    I don’t know how many auditions were screened for his contest, but two singers were chosen, by David Foster, to compete. Jackie and a 17 year old boy from Canada.

    If I had access to YouTube at work I would provide the link, but I don’t.

    This link MIGHT get you there.
    If this link works, keep in mind this was about a year ago I believe.

  • Lindsay

    If you watch America’s Got Talent last year, Barbara Padilla sang the same song. If you listen closely, THAT IS BARBARA!!! It is too close to not be her. The girls mouth is not moving correctly on certain notes. She has a couple of videos on youtube, and she is a talented singer however, she sounds too close to Barbara Padilla

  • Harold

    And another thing. If you are making this absurd accusation based on an on-line video, then every singer I’ve seen a video of is lip syncing.
    The audio and video are almost always out of sync.

    And Sue, you know what every other 10 year olds voice you’ve heard should sound like. Why can’t it be that Jackie is a once in a liftime extrodinary singer??

  • Sam


    Your statement about the lack of orchestra on stage implies it is recorded is obviously incorrect. One does not see an orchestra on stage at the opera or Broadway but that does not mean there isn’t an orchestra present or that the performers are lip syncing. Even if there is no orchestra and the music is recorded, it does not follow that her singing must also be recorded. One can walk into any karaoke bar and see examples of recorded music and live singers. As far as what 10 year old voices are supposed to sound like, what this young girl is doing is not without precedence. Half a century before Auto-Tune, Beverly Sills was knocking them dead at the age of 10.

  • Sam


    Jackie does not even remotely sound like Barbara Padilla.

  • Amy C Kline

    Actually, Jackie doesn’t lip synch. I saw her perform live at a local talent show (Kean Idol at St Barnabus in Pittsburgh) about 2 years ago and she blows people away. They are instantly star struck and smitten with her, she is a natural talent (with training, of course)

    Video of her 2 years ago:

  • Tea Johnson

    Lindsay, Barbara Padilla did sing this song on last years show. But, and I say a Big But here, she sounds nothing like Jackie does. And you Sue, you know what all 10 year old little girls voices sound like, I call your Bluff, why? because my 10 year Granddaughter has been on Stage with Celine Dion and matched her note for note. Unlike Jackie, my granddaughter has been raised in a very musical family and was put into training the moment her Teachers came to us all and said we need to protect her voice and let it develop properly.

    So for all you little naysayers out there, I ask one thing, leave this child alone and let this Her shine as she does have a promising career ahead of her. Also, here is the link to last years show with Barbara Padilla singing the same song, there is no comparison.

  • Greg Matthews

    I most definitely think she was lip synching and was more convinced of this after she sang about 10 more notes on her own into a microphone last night w/o a backtrack. Fortunately I recorded both programs and was able to go back and forth between these to compare and the voice last night was not the same one I heard in the Tuesday night performance. But to be clear, this girl does have a nice voice and can sing. This subterfuge wouldn’t have worked if that weren’t the case. What seems clear to me is that her REAL voice doesn’t have the depth and quality of the one everyone heard in her performance.

    I also went back and compared her mouth movements and sound to several other singers who appeared in Tues night’s performance and didn’t notice any delay and gaps between what I was seeing as their mouths moved and what I heard – something that seemed real obvious to me when I heard Jackie singing. Here’s what needs to be done and I don’t have the equipment to do this but someone needs to do an audio comparison on her voice during the performance and her singing voice when she sung a few notes w/o the backtrack. This requires someone to “fingerprint” her voice to compare it. i do know enough to know that digital technology can greatly enhance a live voice performing even to the extent of fixing sharp and flat notes in real time. It can also add vibrato and other effects, which is done all the time especially in pop music. But note sure technology can make a 10 year olds voice sound like a mature woman’s. Also what we know is false is that she has only been singing for two years. That can’t be true from the performance she gave even if she is a child prodigy. I don’t know how this could have happened because I doubt AGT would deliberately rig a contest and take this risk even if they would rig the way contestants appear on this show so that those with sad story or heartwarming performance seem to always appear last so the show ends with a bigger bang.. Technicians from the show would certainly have figured this out. Just guessing it appears to me her backtrack tape was altered so that she could sing along with another voice, which was mostly the one everyone heard. Could a AGT technician[s] have been bribed with future winnings if she won to sub in one backtrack for another to aid her chances, I don’t know but in touch economic times like these, I suspect it’s possible. From the Balloon boy episode we also know that parents will create fiction using their children for profit.
    After gaining a better understanding of what may have occurred in this performance from having discussed this with people in the recording business, I would like to modify my above comment to this: She was not necessarily lip synching depending upon how you define the term. Here’s what probably happened. The program had a backtrack recorded for her performance and they may have had her sing on this backtrack out of fear a young person like this might freeze up or mess up on a big stage from nerves. Then they enhanced her voice on this backtrack. How much modification to her voice was made? I would suspect quite a bit because the voice I heard sounded like a mature grown woman and not a small child.. As for any digital modifications to her voice these could also have been made in real time. In other words her voice could be made to sound completely different by these digital modification either as part of the backtrack or in real time on the stage. They could have even made her voice sound like man’s voice or black person singing. Almost any modification was possible in real time or on the backtrack. . So what you heard in that performance was not her real voice at all. The only question is whether she was singing to her voice on the backtrack, singing with someone else’s voice on the backtrack [less likely] that was enhanced or modified digitally beforehand or her voice was being modified digitally in real time while she was singing live. What is quite clear is the voice you heard singing w/o the backtrack on Wednesday night was not the same one you heard singing on Tuesday night’s performance. Can she sing? Yes, she can. Is she anywhere as good as her “live” performance? More than likely she is not. If you heard this same person performing in a room in front of American Idol judges at the initial contestant tryout w/o any chance to use digital devices to enhance her voice, she would have sounded completely different and maybe not all that good. The goal of this show was to create another Susan Boyle episode no matter what it took to do that. Most people don’t care what they hear as long as they are being entertained. Whether all these digital modifications rise to the level of lip synching or whether singing to your own pre-recorded modified voice is lip synching, is just a matter of what definition you want to use. In other words AGT’s producer could declare with a completely straight face that she wasn’t lip synching as long as it was her voice coming out either on a modified enhanced backtrack or in addition to her voice on the backtrack being used or even if it wasn’t her voice on the backtrack but she was singing along with it. If lip synching is being defined that she was only pretending to be singing this song, than I doubt this is what happened. It would be very easy to get a few technicians to go along with anything they chose to do to enhance her performance and no would dare complain. In other words on programs like these you can’t ever trust what you are hearing because most of the time it’s all being controlled by someone else.

  • Ben

    Great, now everyone is a opera lover, engineer, and conspiracist.

    AGT does not need any more ratings; they don’t need to take this big of a risk to allow a 10 year girl lip sync.

    She sang at a concert for David Foster but I am sure that was stage as well.

    She has dozens of other clips, stretching back 2 years, on youtube, but again, those are definitely fake.

    She is going to set at Carnegie Hall this December but hey, I am sure her parents invented some kind of super amazing computer thingy that will do all the singing.

    Grow up.

  • Will

    Dear all you doubters out there I would like to watch this featured clip on youtube of the channel 4 action news clip from pine township, pittsburgh. They interview their parents and the child. And furthermore, this video was uploaded almost A YEAR AGO!!

  • Will

    TO matthews: please watch the video i have posted in the above comment. YOu have wasted yuopu time writing a book and over-analyzing someithing as simple as a girl with talent. She may have lip synced her AGT performance, but it was her voice, and I’m sure that her next performance will shut every doubter up.

  • DJ
  • A Fan

    Greg Matthews, thank you for some late night chuckles. You have taken “conspiracy theory” to a new – and ridiculous – level.

    Jackie has performed so many times in so many places that there are thousands of people out there who have heard how talented she is in a live performance…..BEFORE her appearance on AGT. That means there are thousands of people out there who now know what a fool you are.

    So, you think Jackie (at age 9, last year) fooled even mega-producer David Foster? Wow, she’s even more talented than we thought!

    Long-time fans of Jackie are having a good laugh at all the wild speculation swirling around Jackie. She has blown people’s minds everywhere she’s performed, so you newbie doubters are nothing new. She HAS only been singing for a couple years, and her talent just continues to grow at an incredibly fast rate. Now that the first AGT jitters are over, I can’t wait to see what she does in the semifinals.

    Anyone who knows Jackie knows that her gift is something very unusual, and we laugh at the doubters. She will embarrass you soon enough, and that’s going to be fun to watch.

  • Addie

    How come, whenever someone has real talent, people always assume they’re faking? I mean, God, Why can’t we just let Jackie have her well-deserved moment without accusing her of lip syncing? It’s disgusting how people torment her because they’re jealous of her talent.

  • Harold

    Greg, next time save your time and fingers and just type “I’m a clueless idiot” None of the techno BS PROVES that Jackie was lip syncing. All it does is show you know a lot of big words and can think of a way someone COULD have used to fool a whole lot of people. Seriously, get a life.

  • yolanda

    She is the real thing! I listened to her UTube videos. She did not know all the words to Ava Maria and
    Memory, but she sang it beautifully and authentically. What a voice! Bravo!

  • Greg Matthews

    My previous comment was actually a comment I found on another website. Sorry, I can’t take credit for the big words. Lol

  • Brenda

    She is singing. I know her voice teacher in Pittsburgh and she has talked about this child. Also my husband photographed her singing the National Anthem at opening day for the Pirates.

  • pam johnson

    Even kathy Lee Gifford said “Is she lip syncing”…

  • A Fan

    That’s just a testament to how good Jackie really is – her gift is so unusually good, that people are trying to explain it away as a fake because the reality is just so unique to consider. So be it….but this is all Jackie, and you’ll realize that soon enough. Everywhere she’s performed, since she started, she’s stopped people in their tracks.

    The sound of her voice on AGT was new. That’s because she has a newer voice coach who is teaching her a newer technique that is bringing out a newer sound (and a voice coach who says she’s been waiting her whole career to coach a voice like Jackie’s). Her older YouTube videos will show you the sound she had from the previous voice coach’s guidance. This new sound is new even to longtime fans, but equally impressive and a giant leap forward in the maturity of her voice.

    Yes, absolutely, it’s hard to believe this sound comes from a 10-year-old, but leave it at that and let her drive the point home in the semifinals before you make such wild accusations. I’m so glad she gets two weeks away from AGT before she has to perform again. I also hope that she doesn’t win the final AGT. I hope instead that she quietly gets a recording deal with a mainstream label, with maybe a few appearances sprinkled in here and there, so she can still get her music out there for people to enjoy, but she’s left relatively alone to just be Jackie (probably wasting a dream on that, I know).

  • Chiara

    Wow, it’s NOT lip synced, you can watch how she has grown at her mothers Youtube account, She grown alot over the past 3yrs.

  • Onb3k3nd3

    Rofl u ingnorant people, she aint lypsyncing jeezes… u all must be deaf and blind…I understeand more and more each day why there has to be gouvermants… so many dumb people on this planet.

  • Greg Matthews

    The general consensus among audio experts now is that most likely she was singing to an enhanced vocal backtrack that was mixed with her live mic. The live mic was adjusted very low and the viewers at home mostly heard the engineered vocal backtrack.

  • A Fan

    Greg Matthews, your grand conspiracy is getting weaker and weaker. Since the ridiculous lip-synching accusation didn’t fly, now you’re saying maybe she sang a little bit live with maybe a little bit of vocal backtrack. So she memorized exactly where she breathed on the backtrack (even in wrong places), nailed it spot on, memorized exactly how long she held each note, nailed it spot on, and was never for a second even remotely off on the start or finish of a single note through the entire performance? All this from a nervous 10-year-old…, she IS talented!

    What did you think when you saw a live performance yourself? Oh, what’s that, you say? You’ve never heard her singing live, in person? That’s what I thought. Carry on, wayward one…’s going to be fun to watch a 10-year-old embarrass you. For every one of you who are working overtime trying to discredit Jackie, there are ten million working overtime to support her.

  • Greg Matthews

    Thanks for your interest. If anyone is sincerely interested in understanding the truth, I have just posted an in-depth article on my web blog

  • A Fan

    HAHAHAHAHA!! Yes, I just wasted my time going to your blog. I’m laughing because of your video of Jackie singing “Con Te Partiro”, and you claim she’s lip-synching there, too.

    Do you even know the venue where this video was shot? It was shot at a very small, very local talent contest, at a nursing home complex, where they wouldn’t know how to set up a lip-synch to save their lives. You wouldn’t know that, of course, because you weren’t there…..but I was. It was Spring of 2009. Guess what? Everyone had to bring their own backing music (instrumental) because…well…the nursing home just doesn’t have a band to play along with everyone.

    Could you possibly find a copy of this video with a more muffled and out-of-timing audio track? That was horrible, and not even close to the original. The people at the nursing home complex taped the talent show to sell DVDs of it and raise money. Try their version.

    Man, you couldn’t have chosen a worse version of a worse video to call a fake, especially when you weren’t even there to see it for yourself. Have you seen the videos of Jackie at practice, with her voice coach? I didn’t think so. Have you heard Jackie sing out in a public park, without any equipment whatsoever, and sound just as amazing? I didn’t think so.

    I have.

  • In-Sync

    One thing that seems obvious to me that I haven’t heard others remark about is that there’s a few times towards the end of her performance where she turns her head away from the microphone. There should have been a slight fade in her voice when she does this, but her voice sounds as if it directly facing the mic the whole performance. I bet that will be corrected if she ever lip syncs again.

  • A Fan

    Greg, do you do ANY research before you post to your blog? You’re making a fool of yourself over there. Now I see that you posted Jackie’s “O Mio Babbino Caro” from last year, and you say it shows what she should have sounded like on AGT. How many ways can I tell you how wrong you are? She has a newer voice coach, teaching her a newer technique, which brings out a newer sound….why is that so hard for you to understand? The video you posted was from a small local cable access channel, after a drive from Pittsburgh to Boston (chart it yourself), so you think Jackie looks and sounds just a bit tired that evening? Good grief! And you want to compare a local cable access channel with the level of AGT, where contestants are there in advance, well-rested, having time to rehearse, with probably at least some help with stage presence, etc? I’ll say this again…..Jackie sings with a whole different technique than she did even earlier this year! That’s due to her newer voice coach. She has also learned from experience, and she’ll seem different a year from now, too, because that’s what kids do. Are you going to freak the entire time she’s growing up and constantly changing? No, she should NOT sound like she did last year, performing for nobody at a cable access show….she should sound better every time she sings, or she wouldn’t be progressing. Make sense? I know Jackie, I’ve been to many performances, and her AGT sound was even new to me, but it was all Jackie. I had the luxury of hearing the transition from her old sound to this new sound. She’s learning, she’s growing, and I don’t know why that’s such a shock to you…..or why I’m even wasting my time on you.

  • rjcrane

    Both of these things cannot be true at the same time: 1. That Jackie has only been singing for two years and, 2. She sounded as good as she did in that AGT live performance – the one where she was singing to a recorded backtrack because AGT does not accompany any of their solo singing acts with live musicians whether on stage or offstage or sitting in the parking lot outside while playing their instruments. If you need more proof of this fact look at the show’s credits. You won’t find any for studio musicians.

    And if they had to create an audio track, which they most definitely did for her performance, why not create a singing track with it and put the two together? Especially for a child who might get stage fright and freeze up on a nationally televised stage like this?

    As for those claiming to have heard her singing live to know what her real voice sounds like, you don’t have a clue that vocal enhancements and vocal corrections can also be made in real time or she could have been singing with a prerecorded backtrack in those “live” performances too – the same as was created for Ashley Simpson on SNL. Had the music and song not started up before she was ready to sing, everyone in that live audience would have thought Simpson was singing in her real voice too and not lip synching.

    We all would know much better what her real voice sounded like NOW had we all gotten a chance to see her do audition videos for the judges where she couldn’t sing to any prerecorded music or thru a mic like all of the other contestants and any contestant landing a spot on American Idol would have done.

  • A Fan

    First of all, yes….of course Jackie has always sung to a “prerecorded backtrack”, a fancy term for an instrumental version of whatever song. At 10 years old, she doesn’t have her own travelling orchestra (what kind of argument is that?). And if you bothered to watch her YouTube videos, you’d see her at age 7, right before her 8th birthday, and hear what she sounded like then. You’d also see the other videos, and see her progression. So your conclusion is that AGT was so afraid of Jackie being so nervous, they had her lip-synch instead….and, this “too nervous” 10-year-old girl pulled it off spotlessly on national television? That’s not a very solid argument, when it contradicts itself. If she’s too nervous to sing, she’d never get through a lip-synch flawlessly, would she? I guess I’ll never understand the desperation in trying so hard to discredit a young girl who happens to be immensely gifted. I would LOVE it if in the semifinals they had Jackie sing without any accompaniment whatsoever, and they did it in a way where nobody could have a shred of doubt. Some day soon, whether on AGT or not, a 10-year-old is going to be serving up a big platter of barbequed Told-Ya-So.

  • In-Sync

    Watch this video, it’s a solid argument:
    She doesn’t lip-sync flawlessly as I previously mentioned. At 1:02, she looks to her left and the loudness of her voice doesn’t waver. This isn’t the only time she does this, but this is the most eye-catching. If you don’t believe me, pick up a mic and test it yourself. I don’t question her talent at all… she is gifted, no doubt… but she’s definitely lip sync’ing in this performance.

  • A Fan

    I don’t know anything about microphones, but wouldn’t you think that a production like AGT uses a microphone that is in place to anticipate a performer moving their head slightly off center? In all these conspiracy theories, AGT is being given credit for all this high-tech whizbang engineering skill…..surely they know how to cover something as simple as head movement (even the small head movement of Jackie). At the other end of your example, I can hear her voice fade slightly when she IS right in front of the microphone. She also sneaks in a couple of extra quick breaths in the wrong places, barely noticeable, but really? She’d remember those enough to lip-synch them perfectly? Jackie is very focused on correct breathing, etc, so to breathe out of place is already something she’d just not do, and certainly not if she was comfortably prerecording a vocal track with no audience. These arguments are doing the opposite of their intention – they’re giving Jackie credit for being even more talented, memorizing every breath, right or wrong, in every place, exactly, while supposedly being this little 10-year-old bundle of nerves who needed to lip-synch just in case. I guess it just goes back to knowing Jackie, and knowing her talent and technique and mannerisms.

  • A Fan

    FINALLY….Jackie’s first TV interview from yesterday, and she shuts up the doubters! Tell me, did she lip-synch this one, too?

  • HU

    Howie asked her to belt out a note on the microphone that was eq’d to make her sound more “mature”, with a deeper tone. I would have liked her to sing something else. Besides, why would Howie M even bring that issue up if she was genuine 100%? Why think about doubt?

  • In-Sync

    OK, your first sentence in response to me is just ignoring facts. It’s a matter of basic science. If sound travels in a different direction, you get a change in loudness… simple. The mic is stationary. The mic is not moving to anticipate her head turn. There is no magic voodoo involved. It’s simply impossible to not have a change in loudness. I don’t know where you’re hearing this slight fade in her voice. It’s not there. If you start playing before 1:02 and close your eyes and just listen, there’s no change in loudness whether she’s in front of the mic or her head is turned. I think you followed this girl so closely and want her to succeed so badly, you’re so much of “A Fan” that you will toss any factual evidence out the window. So, I’m done here. You throw in other videos that I’m not even debating to prove your point. Doesn’t make sense. “You can fool some of the people some of the time…” applies here I think. With that said, she is a very talented girl and I’m not trying to pick a fight. I’m sure she’s going to be very rich and popular… and rightfully so. She’s got talent, but America’s Got Talent put a blemish on her record that will be quickly forgotten over her, I’m sure, long career.

  • Andy

    All I can say is there are an insane number of idiots, who for whatever reason refuse to recognise talent. What a bunch of fools!

  • Idiots

    Look out everyone. It’s a conspiracy! Jackie Evancho is being groomed by the America’s Got Talent producers! First she’ll win the show, then she’ll become the leader of the New World Order! Zomg!

    Idiots. Stay off the internet >.>

  • Greg Patrick

    I don’t think it was faked either. I am not sure if it is fair to have a voice coach though. She wouldn’t be good for Las Vegas but she would be great for Broadway. She could be in the Alice in Wonderland Opera. I have seen signers sing very well but talk real squeaky.

  • scott

    So where are all the haters and trolls now? did you all get kicked out of your parents basements?

    Jackie smashed everyone last night, even defying gravity or whatever they call themselves.

    prince poppycock? YOUR NEXT!

  • rhia

    cant you people just accept the fact that this lovely ten year old girl has a voice of an angel? stop hating of course she’s not lip synching

  • Harold

    Besides, why would Howie M even bring that issue up if she was genuine 100%?

    Because of all the clueless idiots that insist that she’s not…….MORON!!!

  • Greg Matthews

    Thanks for your interest. Anyone sincerely interested in understanding WHY Jackie’s voice cracked Tuesday night should check this out:

  • Albert

    *** $10,000,000 ***
    Hey, all of you Jackie haters and doubters, listen. At the end of this foxnews video, Bill Gates family is offer $10 million dollars if anyone can prove Jackie lip sync.

    Now I am a doubter any of you can get any of Bill Gates money.

  • Brooklen

    She is a total fraud!!! Her performance tonight she missed several times on her timing. On eight different occasions her voice was either still coming out as her mouth was closed or her mouth was open and nothing was coming out as well as her mouth was changing positions and the tones were not changing with her!! Jackie is a total fraud and you are all being duped (just like the balloon boy)!! This will go down as one of the biggest CON’S ever pulled on the American public!!! WAKE UP AMERICA SHE’S A TOTAL AND COMPLETE FAKE!!

  • Adam

    Lip Syncing 10 year olds for that matter at any age do NOT get booked at Carnegie Hall. Any doubt, go to Carnegie Hall’s website and look at the program schedule for December 2nd. She is performing with Tim Janis
    Chandler Lutz, Donald Braswell, Jim Cole, Sarah Darling, Jackie Evancho, and Wendy McPike, Vocalists
    Jimmy Nichols, Music Director
    Andy Hire, Todd Sullivan, and Kevin Cooper, Conductors
    With Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

  • Adam

    She is not fake, If you truly think she is then go after the 10 mil that Bill Gates is putting up to anyone that can prove it!

  • Jenny

    @ Onb3k3nd3: Do you really have the right to call people dumb? You can’t type, or spell. Do it correctly or shut up.

    The girl is either a little person with a growth deficiency, or a lip-syncing little liar. I’ll go with the latter though, since it’s more likely.

  • Keith

    I don’t think there would be all this controversy if there wasn’t something behind it. I sure thought she was faking it and so does everyone else I know who seen her. I’m not trying to be mean to a 10yr old girl. If I thought she was for real, I’d be behind her 100%. No one thinks any of the other contestants were lip syncing. Do you know why? Because you can tell it was them. You can’t tell with Jackie. I’ve even heard comments that you could tell she was “acting” when she accepted the praises of the judges. I’m no spring chicken and I’ve been around long enough to know when someone is pulling my chain. Besides the talent factor, you’ve got a little girl supposedly singing songs in other languages. Songs that she probably doesn’t know what the words mean or the song itself means. To be able to pull off the vocal performances she is doing, you would have to dedicate your whole life to this. You would have to understand what your singing. She would have no time for school or anything else. At her age, she would have to devote 100% of her time and effort. I’m not a hater, I’m a realist. If you think that little girl is singing those songs then, you are far out of touch with reality.

  • Adam


    I refer to my post stating she is booked at Carnegie Hall on December 2nd, Do you seriously think that Carnegie Hall would allow a lip synced performance??? There is too much evidence to prove she is not faking and only a few doubter that cannot grasp the concept of someone so young having a God given talent! By the way a realist would look at all the evidence not just their own ideas and opinions. Do your research before you pass judgment on anyone!

  • Michael

    attention all doubters, if you really don’t believe, then buy a ticket to see her whether it be in AGT or as Adam said on Carnegie Hall and see for yourself. Till then, shut the hell up trying to make everyone be as miserable as yourself. Cuntmuffins

  • Jenny

    @Michael: Why the fuck would I waste my money to see a faking little girl in person?

  • Adam

    @Jenny: Unless you know the family or have seen her in person then you are just as bad as all the rest of the conspiracy theorist that have nothing better to do but spout your claims that you can not back up with fact!
    Fact: There is too much video out there and eye witness accounts that say she is for real!
    Fact: She is booked at Carnegie Hall on December 2nd, Do you seriously think that Carnegie Hall would allow a lip synced performance???
    Fact: There are many examples of child prodigy’s or savants so why is it so hard for people to believe she could be one?

  • Joy L.

    Just because she is “cute and adorable” doesn’t mean that she didn’t have a “little help” in the background during her performance on AGT. You could sooooo tell that her voice did NOT match up with the soundtrack,(with vocals)that was playing behind her. She may have a beautiful voice for a 10 yr old but, she definitely had some help!!

  • William Mann

    Who Cares if its real or fake Its America and its just some dumb TV show let her have her 15 and if its real let her have her fame! I hope she is real I am so sick of talentless POP stars and what ever Lady Gaga is.

  • Ron H

    Hey, fellow conspiracists.
    It’s a good thing she is the best lip sync artist ever. That makes it a lot easier for that team of technicians that she has following her everywhere. Why do you think they always have that smoke rolling around when she performs ? It’s to hide the technicians, people. They are a crack team. They sneak in before the live performances such as with Tim Janis and David Foster to make sure things are nicely rigged up. She even has Carnegie Hall fooled. I’m sure her crack team has infiltrated the Hall and is rigging things up so she sounds just like Sarah Brightman. How devious you are Jackie. You look cute but we all know you’re actually Prince Poppycock in a brilliant disguise.

  • Jon

    Heh….I just watched her sing the National Anthm live and acapella before 39000 people at the Pirates opening game. Of course they only showed her from the waist up. Obviously, they had Sarah Brightman hidden under her dress – it was really Sarah singing….

  • Silverhalide

    I have been a musician ( guitar and vocals)for over 40 yrs!! There is no way she is faking. All you need to do is watch how she sings, and notice how her vibrato matches her mouth and throat movements. Jackie E is the real deal.. A truly gifted young lady!!!!

  • JESSe12

    Ok, so i may be wrong but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. so this is mine: She is a great singer. if shes real, great. but something just seems…wrong. ten year olds do NOT sound like that. even singing. a ten year old is still a child and she hasn’t even gone through puberty. her new “voice” sounds fake. her old sound was real. i heard it and it sounds like her but this sounds(look is only like that cuz they sing from their diaphram) fake. remember this people: if parents are greedy and want money, they’ll do anything including showing off their child. Jackie’s real voice is like a kid. her voice sounds like a 50 or 40 year old. idk if any of u agree but she could be real. maybe..maybe not. but i don’t feel right about her performances. it just is…fake sounding??

  • Cheryl L Sommer

    All you people who have the audacity to doubt this young lady are idiots and are over analyzing her ability. In the show it says PORTIONS ARE PRERECORDED so even if she was lip snyching it was for time purposes leave her alone

  • Rita

    I would like to point out to Greg that Michael Grimm also moved away from the mic and there was no sound change either, so maybe he was lip synching too?

  • Tom

    Jealousy is a disease and all of you doubters have it. Get a life and be happy for something and someone that comes along once in a lifetime. All of you are looking for some reason to make up that this can’t be real. Becasus you have misgivings in your lives , you are misgiven. Go watch American Idol and listen to some singing imposters who win because you can call in till your blue in the face. Only a very few are great , but non of them can compete with Jackie Evancho.

  • David

    Anyone that questions Jackie’s talent should visit her website.

    She sings in several different venues and on one occassion sings a duet without any instruments or microphone. You are not going to change or correct a voice that is not mature to one that is. You are either stupid or jealous to think Jackie is a fake. She’s real, her voice is real and that is that. Get over it.

  • skroehr

    Yes…even after everything. Even now that AGT is over. Even though she didn’t win. She, or rather the people who handle her, are perpetuating a fraud. I don’t even have a slight doubt about this. I even know how they do it, so they have plausable deniability, by just lowering her sound, and having her still sing. She CAN sing, but not they way in which she has been portrayed. She IS a talented girl, and it’s a shame that they didn’t bring her into the music world in an honest way. Someday, probably a couple years down the road, it will be proven, and by then, millions of young fans will be devastated and saddened. There were many people involved with this, and frankly, even though it’s just entertainment junk at the end of the day, I do hope that the adults who put this whole deal on to blood suck from this child must will receive justice. It’s fraud on the one hand, but it’s also manipulation and using a child.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    Look the point is on one or more of these appearances/performances she WAS clearly lip syncing..It is what it is.. Is she capable of singing live? Has she sang live in other appearances? I’m sure she can and has but who cares either way. Again on one or more of these performances she was lip synching.. It’s just a simple observation that’s all. Doesn’t make her a fraud IMO, It probably wasn’t even her choice to do so. I mean I think lip syncing is pretty friggin’ lame and I surely wouldn’t pay to see someone lip sync but that’s just me.

    Watched her on Leno this evening and that was obviously lip synced seeing as she was a bit off in her lip syncing i.e. she started or came in early on a couple of parts which of course was not audible.. Why? because that’s what happens when your mic isn’t actually on.

    And no I’m not a hater or think there’s any conspiracy, etc.. I don’t think it’s that deep.. And quite frankly I don’t really care why one would lip sync seeing as there’s many reasons why people do. Again it is what it is and nothing more.

  • Will

    Jay leno said she wasn;t lip synching. I don’t think them both, Jay leno and Howie mandel would risk the lawsuits that woulds arrive if she was revealed to be a fake. that would be really stupid. wait and see, she’ll be on other talk shows soon.

  • will

    Everyone who thinks she is fake needs to watch this video of her singing to the news camera it is PERFECTLY is synch. she is not a fake.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    Well I’m not sure why Leno would fear any lawsuits seeing as it’s not against the law to lip sync. If that were the case he’d be in a lot of trouble seeing as 98% of the pop/R&B acts that perform on his show all lip sync..

    And I didn’t hear any mention in that clip where Leno specifically said “she wasn’t lip syncing. Can you please post a link to that quote?

    And again I don’t think anyone is saying that she is fake, I mean clearly she can sing but there are in fact performances that for whatever reason she did lip sync..not all but some.

  • Andy

    To all of you twits who still insist that Jackie was lip synching, Bill Gates has a present for you. Ten Million Dollars. At least one of you ignoramuses stated you knew how she did it, I say go forth and become a multi millionaire. Good luck losers.

  • Brooklen


  • Mike

    You cannot lip synch in a stadium microphone without any acompaniment in front of 39,000 people… and that was *before* AGT.

    Oh, and Brooklen? You are in idiot. o.O

  • Andy

    Brooklen since you still insist that Jackie was lip synching, Bill Gates has a present for you. Ten Million Dollars. I say go forth and become a multi millionaire. Good luck loser.
    Prove your point or Shut your yap!

  • Dee

    Carnegie Hall canceled as predicted.!!!They will not have her sing anywhere that is credible or with a live orchestra. Fake

  • Tunanorth

    Just found this old blog.
    Truly populated by doubting idiots, who by this date [Dec. 1] have been proven totally wrong.
    Jackie has performed flawlessly everywhere; from Oprah, Today, View, Martha Stewart, Rockefeller Center, etc., etc.
    Jackie beat Michael Jackson’s record for youngest artist with a Top 10 billboard album.
    No doubt the “mental midget” doubters are now sure she came from Roswell [a new conspiracy!].
    Really, most were so incredibly stupid, I think THEY were faking it, nobody is that dumb [are they?]

  • Theone

    This is strictly for the Nay Sayers!
    First off Jenny needs her mouth washed out with soap! Maybe her brain as well! She’s also dead wrong!

    Gregg Matthews (aka Microguy) already knows he’s wrong, but hasn’t the guts or decency to say he’s sorry to this little girl he tried to shame. He even pulled his claims off of his website, like they were never there. He’s the one who is a fake, and a fraud! Oh’ and your general consensus of Audio Experts, is full of it! I am an Audio Expert who has worked as an Audio Engineer for NBC. I also have a great many friends who are Audio experts as well, and not a one of them agrees with you! And to top it off you plagiarized a post from someone else, posting it as your own! talk about a Fraud! I’ve been to your site when all these claims of proof were still there. I never laughed so hard in my life!

    You imply that Jackie was canceled for Carnegie Hall because of her lip syncing. Wrong! Jackie has signed (for a rather large sum of money) with Sony/Columbia. Unfortunately Jackie is scheduled in the Studio in CA to work on her upcoming Album on Dec. 2! That would mean her having to completely cross the country twice in one day, in order to make the performance, as Carnegie Hall is 3000 miles away in NYC. Oh and buy the way, Jackie had an Orchestra and a Choir when she sang Ave Maria, or do you think those people sitting on her right were manikins? ROFLMAO!!

    All I can say to you is it’s better to remain silent and thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt! You are that fool! Before you wake up America, you need to wake up yourself!

    Well let me see! They had a Choir for Jackie when she sang Pie Jesu on AGT. They also had a Choir and an Orchestra for her final performance singing Ave maria, or did you think all those people on stage left were manikins! Too funny for words! There is also no electronic enhancement (AutoTune) other than a little reverb, to balance out the acoustics of the hall she is singing in. Everybody get’s the same treatment.

    She’s a tiny little 62 Lb. girl. She doesn’t have a deep down with her tiny lungs. She’s also just recently started to use her Diaphragm at the National Christmas Tree lighting in Washington DC, her best performance yet! That means her lungs are starting to grow!

    I hate to tell you this but either you are tone deaf, or need a hearing aid. No one in the world sounds like Jackie Evancho. no one can, because she is capable of doing things with her voice that have never been heard before from any 10 year old, or 15 year old for that matter. That’s what makes her voice so unique! No one else sounds like her at all!

    Pam Johnson,
    And Kathy Lee is an expert? She has a terrible voice herself! She might be a bit jealous, as Jackie would sing her off the stage! I’ve (unfortunately) heard Kathy Lee sing! Go away!

    Apparently you know nothing about Studio Microphones. These things cost thousands of dollars. How do you think people can walk around with a Mike in there hand without the volume going up and down! As long as you sing anywhere near the front of the Mike, it doesn’t matter! You also know nothing about streaming Video, or YouTube because streaming Video is often out of sync with the words! It has everything to do with the available bandwidth of the signal!

    Let’s see, she had a Choir to accompany Pie Jesu in the Semi Final, and an Orchestra and a Choir for her final performance of Ave Maria on AGT. You didn’t get the memo? In fact one of the Violins hit a bad note and Jackie looks sharply to her right side when she heard it!

    The central Scrutinizer,
    In the 60s, NBC was seriously embarrassed at a nationwide live performance by a lip sync performance that went very wrong because of a broken tape recorder. David Sarnoff decreed that there would be no more lip syncing on NBC and in fact has a specific rule about it in the performer’s contract. The only exception to that rule is Parades, and outdoor appearances, where the cold weather might curtail a performer’s ability to perform up to snuff! There is no lip syncing allowed on NBC!

    Take heart, she is real. It just amazes me that so many adults are willing to make such fools out of themselves. If that wasn’t true, someone would have run all the way to Bill Gate’s house to collect the $10,000,000 reward.

    How about it Gregg Matthews AKA microguy. You claimed that you could prove it, or is $10,000,000 not enough money for what should be a simple thing, according to you! Do you seriously think you have any credibility left at all.

    I personally think it’s disgusting that you Idiot nay sayers have become so jaded, that you would think that a 10 year old little girl would fake a performance like that. Not just once, but a good number of times, and get away with it. If you did your homework before you opened your mouths, you would have known that Jackie has a fully developed, fully matured female adult Larynx, verified by the university of Pittsburgh. Take a good look at the front of her throat sometime. It’s massive! She has a 3+ octave range, and can do things with her voice that professional Opera singers can not do! Music scholars from Music schools all over the world have repeatedly said she is not a fake. She is a genuine Prodigy with talents far beyond her years, She also has a presence on stage, unlike anyone else in the history of music. She has this innate ability to sing from her heart, to the audience’s hearts. She makes grown men and women cry, with the beauty of her voice. During her performances, she makes you forget all about all the troubles in the world, and many feel a sense of safety and security when she is singing! In the words to a song she sings, called The Prayer, she takes us to a place where we feel safe! I noticed no one has picked up their check from Bill Gates, not even Gregg Matthews, AKA as microguy! You’re not even a man, you are a liar and a complete fraud who even stoops to stealing other peoples posts from a different site, passing them off as your own! Welcome to the Hall of Shame, Loser!

    The rest of us here, will continue to enjoy the experience, that is Jackie Evancho!

  • William

    Everyone who STILL thinks she is fake are complete idiots. they are ignoramuses and have no concept of somethinig called talent which they do not have. She performed outside live at the rockefeller center for christmas. It was PERFECT. PEOPLE HEARD HER next to her WITTHOUT A MIC. and her Oprah performance was on the spot. She is NOT fake people EVERY talk show host would never risk their reputaion for having a fake singer. They would be insane because of the lawsuits that would follow were it found out. YOU WERE WRONG! SHE is REAL. GO SEE HER YOURSELF.

  • amber

    i love jackie evancho and i believe in her. thats it :)

  • Fredszczepanski

    What a truly gifted child. I love this girl, wish she were my daughter. What a magnificent voice.

  • Hugosearcher

    Hard to believe folks are so hating on the kid. Have we gotten to the point in America, where a true gift of voice cannot be appreciated? She’s ten years old, and no, nothing fake. The word is precocious. Look it up.

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