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Sydney Dalton: Justin Bieber Fans’ Public Enemy Number 1

By Heather B on September 2nd, 2010

Like most teenage girls, Sydney Dalton loves lip-gloss, hanging out with her friends, and talking on the phone.  She’s got a Twitter and You Tube channel, and she’s totally obsessed with Justin Bieber.  Well – she used to be, but she’s not anymore.  And now she’s being cyber bullied over it.

After posting the video below of her and her friends tearing Justin Bieber posters off their walls and – GASP! – ripping them up, Sydney has been aggressively attacked by “Beliebers.”  Justin’s hormonally charged fanbase have even gone so far as to send Sydney death threats, on Twitter and in video responses via You Tube.

Watch Sydney’s Video:

In one response, an angry Justin Bieber fan threatens Sydney: “I’m going to hit you in the f*****g face with a full wine bottle. Cork and all.” Presumably the girl’s parents would be very upset to find that their tween daughter had been dipping into their liquor cabinet – and to use their wine bottles as a weapon no less!


Has no one taught her that wine is for drinking?! And, perhaps more importantly, that threatening people is not cool?

Cyber bullying has been an increasing problem among kids and teenagers, but by talking with your kids – teaching them not only to think before they type, but also how much their words and hurt –, says that we can “help to create a generation of good cybercitizens, controlling the technology instead of being controlled by it.”

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  • Immab

    Really? I heart JB and all But that is going to far!

  • Christopher Chance
  • Dallas

    Hey, she said she as a fan didn’t care, so why is she freakin posing a “F you!!!” video? if you dont care then dont go all pissed off about wine bottles

  • carouser

    As is often the case when a culture’s most beloved icon of veneration is ritually shredded and uploaded to Twitter, we can already spot all the first hallmarks of a real sociocultural, or possibly even religious revolution: hate-mongering, death threats, and even the alleged ultimate of all ‘internet evils’: cyber-bullying. To think, if only these kids could stay up past their bed times…

  • SydneyIsMyHero

    this is my fucking comment to the little whore who dissed sydney for her fucking opinion:

    like oh my fucking god, i’m like soo pissed at this BITCH (not really) Sydney Dalton. I just wanted to be a drama queen to get a million views. Like, wow do I HATE HER.

    ugh shut the fuck up drama queen, no one cares about your stupid video either. if you honestly didnt care about what she said, you would have fucking left it alone. not made a drama scene outta it. they were just expressing their feelings, you didn’t have to fucking watch it. you didnt even have to go and make this STUPID video you immature fuckk. peace SKANKKK! and they said no offence to the fucking fans, and if you say it, that makes it better?i dont fucking think so princess. :) honestly, i fucking hate justin bieber. hes all about fucking love and all this shit him and his desperate self… just like you. :D and speaking of people who don’t need to fucking post shit on youtube, YOU DONT FUCKING HAVE TO… THEY DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT JB, THEY JUST SAID THEY WERE OVER HIM. prolly bc of obsessive fans like your dumbass… oh no! don’t come after my ass with a wine bottle. im so scared… PSHHT! you fucking wish, and if you hate me for posting this, then how about paybacks a bitch, thats exactly what you did to sydney, my new FUCKING HEROO! oh and honey, HATE IS A FUCKING STRONG WORD you utterly discusting whore. how THE FUCK does it feel skank? don’t feel so great does it? just shut the fuck up and stay out of sydneys buisness, kaay? kay! know what I’m going to do? the EXACT same thing almost, except draw on them, THEN rip them up, THEN stomp on them and THEN FINALLY bury them deep in the ground, where justins career will be when his voice drops.. SUCK ON THAT BITCH! :) nice talking to you.. buhbye.

  • SydneyIsMyHeroSamePerson

    and about your little “apoligy” too bad, you already posted it. and it was HER OPINION TOO, NO NEED TO POST A FUCKING VIDEO THEN SUCK THE FUCK UP WHEN YOU! GET HATEFUL COMMENTS. fuckin ayee. get a life and learn to deal with it when people hate you.. i’m dealing with this, cause i know! your going to fucking hate me noww and oh no, your going to make a video about me now? im soo fucking scared… wanna play this game? ill play right the fuck back. peeacee skannkk. :)

  • LeeAnn

    hmm, i just love how you say your over him, but he’s your twitter background? oh well, nice comment whoever 6+7 is.. i agree, but you had to of been so harsh? jeez.

    btw; i used my friends email, so no replys kay?

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