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Michael Buble Does Best Justin Bieber Impression in New “Hollywood” (Watch)

By Bridget Tyler on September 29th, 2010


Is that Justin Bieber in Michael Buble’s new “Hollywood” video? Nope, that’s Buble impersonating the red hot pop star.  Despite the 19 year age difference between the two singers, at first glance it’s easy to assume that Buble convinced the teen idol to guest star in his new video.  The resemblance is remarkable, though much of the credit goes to whoever arranged Buble’s hair to match Bieber’s signature eye shading shag.

So why is Michael Buble impersonating Justin Bieber?  Buble’s song, “Hollywood” and the video that goes along with it, are all about celebrity and fame.  In the comic video, Buble dresses as a number of different Hollywood cliches – from hair metal rocker to narrow eyed gun slinger to mustached 70’s action star to, well, Justin Bieber.

“The video is about celebrity culture, people’s dreams about fame, and what can go with it,” Buble told “The Sun” in regards to the video. “You can see what fun I had playing the characters.”

So has Justin Bieber really shot past pop-star-of-the-moment and past pop-icon straight to Hollywood cliche?  It would seem more likely that he is simple the current face of the ever shifting internet fame machine.  Only time will tell whether anyone watching the “Hollywood” video in 10 or 20 years time will remember who that kid with the hair and the hoodie is supposed to be.

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