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Thanksgiving Printable Worksheets, Word Searches, Coloring Pages and More!

By AAyles on November 19th, 2010

Thanksgiving is a day spent with family and friends and a time to give thanks for all of the important and meaningful things in our lives. While the day of Thanksgiving is spent at home with family, the days leading up to the holiday are spent in school (or home school) where kids learn the value of appreciating the great things in life.

A great way to teach kids about the importance of this holiday is through games, worksheets and activities.

I’ve scoured the web for the best printable games and worksheets for kids. Whether you’re a school teacher looking for lesson plans or a stay-at-home mom looking to teach your preschoolers the value of giving thanks, these activities should help make it easy and fun to learn about the holiday.

Printable Worksheets:

Turkey Maze  – A fun and challenging turkey-shaped maze where kids have to find their way from one end of the turkey to the other.

Thanksgiving Secret Message Worksheet -  Fill in the blanks with the letter that matches each picture to decode the secret message!

Thanksgiving Words in Alphabetical Order - Look at the Thanksgiving words on the left side of the page and place all 8 in alphabetical order in the spaces provided! 

Printable Word Search Activities

American Thanksgiving Word Search - A great way to practice the meaning of Thanksgiving-related words while making it fun for kids to learn.

Star-Shaped Thanksgiving Word Search - Spice up an ordinary word search and make it a little more challenging for your kids by printing off this star-shaped activity and making it a contest to see who can finish first.

Thanksgiving Word Search - Another great choice if you’re looking to make learning about Thanksgiving fun and creative for your kids.

Printable Coloring Pages:

Want to give your kids a fun, Thanksgiving inspired coloring page to keep them occupied? Why not try this mom holding a turkey  or this pilgrim  or this elaborate turkey  or this “Happy Thanksgiving” page  or this other fun “Happy Thanksgiving” page. Alternatively, you can print off all of the coloring pages listed above and make a great coloring book for your kids (or students)!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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