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Black Friday Shopping: The Truth About Your “Deals”

By Bridget Tyler on November 23rd, 2010

Black Friday is on the way, and once again the deals promise to be too good to be true.  But, in order to get those deals, you’ll have to give up a good night sleep, lining up to be there for store openings that have gone as early as 4AM this year.  You’ll also be risking life and limb –  as a number of victims of stampedes can attest to, Black Friday shopping can mean taking your life into your hands.  But is it worth it?  According to experts, not really.

Despite the crazy crowds and ridiculous hours, the National Retail Federation estimates that nearly 138 million consumers will shop over the holiday weekend, an increase of 4 million people over last year.  For some, it’s a competitive sport that has outshone the holiday itself:

“We’re having Thanksgiving on Wednesday, so I’ll have the whole day Thursday to rest up, get online to do research and check Twitter,” Virginian, Sue Van Glanden told Yahoo Finance. “I am a seasoned comparison shopper, so I’ll only go after the very best deals for what I was planning to buy this season.”

But consumer experts think that those in a rush for holiday deals might be losing sleep for nothing.  While there are good deals to be had, because of the economic climate, Regina Lewis, a Consumer Advisor for AOL, says that good deals will be available all season.  Brad Wilson, founder of the popular website and says that the best deals will be almost impossible to get.

“You’re really looking at a short window opportunity, from about 4 a.m., when the stores first open, until 12 p.m. to get the best deals,” Wilson told Yahoo Finance. After that, stores will likely be out of heavily discounted items and end up selling things to you at higher prices, which is part of why they have the extreme sales in the first place.

So, if you’re not a 4am shopper, enjoy Friday with your family and get your deals online, on Cyber Monday.


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