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New Zodiac Signs: Astrological Signs Change – Old vs. New List!

By AAyles on January 13th, 2011

Looking to become a “new you” in 2011? Well, a new revelation by astronomer Parke Kunkle is going to make that a whole lot easier.

According to Kunkle, the Earth’s alignment has changed over the past few hundred thousand years, making what you thought was your astrological sign, actually incorrect.

The reputable astronomer insists that the signs you were born into have changed and a one-month gap in the zodiac signs is the result of that change.

So what does that mean for you?

If you used to be a Virgo, you’re now a Leo. If you used to be a Leo, you’re now a Cancer – and so forth.

But that’s not all.

In addition to changing the signs, the astronomers want to add a thirteenth zodiac sign called Ophiuchus. You’re an Opiuchus if your birthday falls from Nov 29 – Dec 17.

Furthermore, the new zodiac sign dates overlap one another. As you can see below, any person whose birthday falls on the last possible day of the sign, also falls into the first day of the next sign. For instance, if your birthday is on August 10, technically you fall into both the Cancer and the Leo categories. I guess, at that point, you just choose which one you like better J.

Try explaining this one to your children!

Here’s the complete list of old vs. new. Take a look and let us know what you think about this news:

  • Terena Jones

    this is absolutely retarded

  • leeann

    This is completely rediculous, let people live 20-30 years thinking their one sin then just change it. Who cares. I have my sons, my sisters and my own zodiac tattooed on me, what am I supposed to do now? I think anyone born before this discovery should be able to remain what they were born and any new children born can have this applied to them.

  • Shannon

    According to this NEW list- the day of my birth doesn’t actually exist. So um, I’m skeptical.

  • Laars Johnson

    I cannot believe that in the year 2011, people still believe in this nonsense. If you believe in astrology in any form, you are not smart enough to live on this planet.

  • Sceptos

    April 1st isn’t for another few months. Hold your horses, kg.

  • levi

    calm down peoplf a its not that big of a deal.

  • Lacey

    Well, I am an aires… I do not fit any characteristics of my “new” Taurus sign, therefore calling this whole thing bs. To add to it you cannot create a new sign and you cannot change dates of signs. It’s been a pattern longer than the existence of technology…. Not to mention, how will this affect natal reports?? It’s not gonna catch on ever so give it up dude.

  • keisha

    how they just going 2change something that been this way for so many years…i was born a Leo n im going 2stay starting to know that this whole this is phony because how is something just going 2change or add..its not making since.

  • Dwana West


  • douglas

    WTF!… i dissagee with this plot. who was the nto so bright soul that changed this anyway ??? is this right ? im pissed enough said

  • tammy

    How can feb16-march11 be both aries and aquarius! And where’s the rest of april! N there’s no way u can add another sign ur gonna f*ck up everyone who really believes in this. I think its freaking wack to try n change it now!

  • Mama_fluffy

    um effin stupid. to change the moon signs you gotta change the sun signs and add another animal to the chinese zodiac as well. and while youre at add another planet and a 5th element. Ophiuchus is just another friggin constellation that has no place in the zodiac. GAH!!! bullcrap.

  • Jasmine R

    SIKE!!! screw this I am still claiming my sign. I will forever Be a Gemini. and they better not start putting these new dates on Gemini stuff!

  • Sybil

    All my personalities agree! I love this change. My entire life makes sense now.

  • linz

    well mine did not change but i have read alot into astrology and the new ones do not make sense, as far as personality traits and such….and @laars maybe if you were smart enough to look into astrology then you would know there is alot of truth to it, and why even comment on something you obviously care nothing about

  • ThatGuy

    Some of your facts are wrong and you forgot to put Ophiuchus in the new calendar. 0_o

  • Ryan J

    Well, you know what, now I’M changing them!!!! AND THEY’RE ALL GOING TO BE POKEMON!!! and I’m adding an extra thirteenth month called FUCKTOBER!!!

    ….this is some bull shit.

  • Neemz

    This is absolutely retarded. What kind of bullshit is this? I have my leo sign tattooed on my neck and now what? Honestly this new list does not exist to me and the old one still remains triumphant. POINT BLANK PERIOD. xoxo

  • Lisa


  • Ugh

    If your sign’s not on here you’re an Opiuchus, learn to read guys!

    Anyways, I don’t care what science says, I’m still an Aquarius. I act exactly like a stereotypical Aquarius, and nothing at all like a Capricorn.

    My two cents.

  • Nini DUH

    Na , idont believe this -_- smh whoever did dis is a complete RETARD !

  • Amanda

    i think this is the dumbest thing i have ever heard of in my life….seriously….you cant change your zodiac sign…..once a Leo always a Leo

  • emilleah

    This is the stupidest thing the government has ever done!

  • deb

    Typo at the top of “new” it should be April…..if you’re trying to make the change “official” ijs.

  • Yamz

    What a crock of s***! xD

  • JoJo

    The Aries and Aquarius signs have the same dates, so I think that’s why some of the birthdays aren’t listed. They repeated a set of dates and forgot a set.

  • vanessa

    where the heck is may 12

  • adiosToreador


  • Marie

    It doesn’t matter to me because my sign stays the same.

  • Cc

    Did no one else notice that ‘Ophiuchus’ is pronounced ‘OH FUCK US?!’
    The joke is upon all of you for believing in mythology at all. Sorry to burst your bubbles;)

  • Missy

    Can i just say i’m sticking with the sign i was born under… they aren’t messing with my kool aid… i already have a tat that goes with my sign and i’m not changing it now!!!

  • Astronomer

    Actully this is accurate, it has to do with the earths alignment. To some it may be stupid because it is not understood. The way they put the dates on here are actually incorrect though.

  • pShanele

    IMA AQUARIUS TILL THE DAY I DIE> NOw kill this new zodic change

  • kara

    so what, aries and aquarius are the same now?!

  • AAyles

    Yes, I accidentally put Aquarius and Aries as the same, that’s why you couldn’t find your birthday at first. Now everything is correct. If you don’t see your birthday on there, you’re the new sign Ophiuchus :)

  • Rhiannon

    I’ve always gone by the actual placement, so unless they’re changing the science of astronomy as well… I call the BS flag as well…

  • sarra

    I don’t like how they randomly decided NOW to change it. But I think this is only meant for those who always felt like they didn’t quite match up to their zodiac sign and maybe it makes more sense for them now.
    It’s funny because I’m a pisces, and it fits me really well, and now I check the new chart, and I’m still a pisces. Makes sense. :p

    Also, a lot of you are saying you don’t see your birthday.
    I don’t understand.
    If it says April 18-May 13
    and you’re birthday is May 10th, youre in that one, you’re an Aries.

  • lauralea

    Dumb! Imma just gonna stick with my old sign kaythanxbai

  • Tiffani

    Im new zodiac sign is a Virgo (there wack) LIBRA ARE THE BEST DUH!!!

  • Kelli

    absolutely no sense.. I’ve never been a Taurus.. I’m sticking with Gemini… it fits me better..

  • A girl

    This is complete crap. You can’t just change something that’s been around for centuries.

  • iolanda monteiro

    i’m so lost this whole new zodiac shit is messing wit my head! some people believe in zodiac signs n some don’t. i’m one of those people that do. the astronomer are was messing up everything. u can just wake up one day n just tell the world that their zodiac change. They said i’m a taurus n it doesn’t fit me one bit. Freak what they say. I was born a gemini n i will remain one. and now they are add a whole different sign. who they hell do they think they are God.

  • Boss lady

    This shit is completely BS the idiot who changed it is just out right dumb u cant just randomly change the signs like dat the chart doesn’t even make since alot of ppl have two signs like WTF do something else wit ur time jackass !!

  • A girl

    Let’s just blame Obama and call it a day shall we?

  • Christine

    This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Get a life you stupid astronomer. We were all perfectly happy and then you have to come along and screw it up.

  • HelenKeller

    this is absolute bullshit. these people are so called “scientists” but they just pull this shit out of their asses, ya’ll are fucked up if you think people are gonna go by this new one. im sticking to the old, better way!

  • Yola

    @ a girl, If u want to blame any one blame it on the astronomer not Obama. he has nothing to do wit it.

  • Luis G

    I’ve been Aries my 15 years of life, and I’ve loved everything about this sign, not just the lovely symbol and wise ram, but as well it’s meaning, and it’s past, this is the sign that represents me, and the only one that ever will, just as the greek god of war, I am as one, Aries is my sign, or I will not have a zodiac sign at all.

  • shaeree

    I see a huge problem. Like wha the hell happened to nov 30 – dec 16th

    scorpio –
    old oct 23-nov 21
    new nov 23 – nov 29

    old nov 22 – dec 21
    new dec 17 – jan 20

  • Sam

    Dont worry, if you were born from november 30th through december 16th .. you are now an opiuchus it is the new zosdiac sign for the douple serpant

  • Yeah, you’re not getting it

    Who still believes this?

  • Tresha

    well my zodiac stays the same…im glad because i dont act like no other sign

  • ..

    This is bullshit. I was always a true Aries and I always will be. I’m not accepting this. This tradition has been going on for centuries and I will not change that because of some retard who probably doesn’t like his zodiac sign and decided to change it. I really hope that this will NOT become official because this truly pissed me off. No matter if I will be a Pisces on documents, I will always think of myself as an Aries and i dont care about this information. Complete and absolute bullshit. I’m staying an Aries no matter if they like it or not.

    God, there’s always someone who will ruin everything.

  • LZ

    Who is this Parke Kunkle dude anyway? I dont understand why he thinks he can go and chang and add to the current zodiac chart. Who developed the chart in the first place? It should be left as it is. This guy has no right to make these changes! I wont acknowledge it. If asked I am and always will be a LEO!

  • nicole

    wtf why is November 30-December 16 skipped

  • chris accoo

    This is complete bull….

  • Edgar

    stop saying that YOU (whomever “you” referrers to)cannot change the signs. If someone hundreds of years ago could come up with this stuff, what makes you think you cant change it now? It’s retarded that people do not appreciate change and the new ideas. Seriously, what makes you think the original list was correct? it is as arbitrary as the new list, therefore you can modify it as many times as you wish.
    I was born into the Cancer sign, just like my brother, my grandmother, my cousin, mi niece, and my father, we all share characteristics of the sign but, we are also very different. So, who cares?

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    [...] they are changing wtf is this **** i dont want to be a virgo haha, sucks for people that have tattoos of their signs. New Zodiac Signs: Astrological Signs Change – Old vs. New List! | KidGlue [...]

  • Sam

    There are 12 months in the year, how can there be a 13th zodiac sighns!!! ha this new zodiac can shove it!


  • anitaaa

    hate ittttttttttttt…

  • mike

    I don’t know what’s more retarded , this article or the ridiculous level of stupidity in the comments.

  • codyydoc23

    if you need sum made up bullshit to define who u are, u should have drown urself long ago

  • Kevin

    Hopefully this shows once and for all the whole thing is a load of rubbish right!?

    Hmmm anyway, I was Virgo and seem to remain so in the new order.

  • stephanie

    helllll no i’m too much of a scorpio to believe i’m suddenly a libra.. suck it

  • Nina VO

    this is not serious right?
    it’s such a stupid idea, it defeats the whole concept! You can not just ‘change’ starsigns?!

    Can someone please tell me if this is on any other site, i will go out of my way to protest! lol


  • Rhea

    Umm.. Im not happy with tis at all… Im so not a Taurus… Im a Gemini all the way.. Damn what they got to say.. I was born a Gemini thats what Im stayn… This goes for everyone born in 2011…

  • mikky

    did you people even read the article? if your birthday isn’t on there then you’re the new sign ophichus.

    I am definitely not a gemini though. I’m a cancer for sure. and my boyfriend CANNOT be a sagittarius because I don’t get along with sags lol.

  • yvonne

    i think its retarted mine hasnt changed but my husbands did and my 2 sons did its stupid whot was the brite person who cmae up with this

  • lol tattoo

    so first of all, congrats to those of you that actually got tattoos of your zodiac sign, poor choice in tattoos. also, I completely agree with what EDGAR stated earlier. If it was made by man years ago, what’s stopping it from being changed now? it seems people have a problem with believing everything they’ve ever been told. the only reason your so called traits are similiar to your sign, is because you’re looking for it. have fun with your AWESOME tattoos.

  • Tony jackson

    Ohhhh shyt man wtf y dey did dat? If i cant be no aries ion wanna be nuthin shyyyt

  • morgan

    what happened to November 30 – December 16?

  • heather

    I guess my birth don’t count! I have no sign according to this new chart! WTF????!!!

  • Misti

    This makes me so mad. I don’t give a rats a$$ if you nay sayers think it is okay to give us who believe in astrology grief.

  • panda

    i was born the 22 of aug so im still a leo nothen changed for me…..

  • J

    Ohh internet, will you never cease to amuse me? I don’t care about the change in signs, speaking in terms of astronomy I guess it makes some sense. I was far more amused by the comments here and people thinking that their “personality doesn’t match this new sign”. It’s an arbitrary word you assign yourself as a child based on mathematical calculations hundreds of years ago, it has no meaning. It’s not even a real thing, it’s a frickin pseudoscience. It’s not like changing your name, it’s more like changing what you want your lucky number to be. But thank you stupid people who believe in this BS for keeping me amused with your panicked and alarmed reactions =).

  • JROD


  • Steev

    You seem to be confusing the term Astronomer for Astrologer.

    An Astronomer is a reputable scientist that studies space and the sky.

    An Astrologer is someone who believes that where those stars are when you are born affect you in some way.

    You call this man an Astronomer and even call him credible, but you say he is concerned that our horoscopes have been wrong until 2011?

    I think you are just as credible as this “Astronomer.”

  • CeCe Monet’

    First off it says nov 23- nov 29 is scorpio then goes to dec17 for sagitarius and to me that makes no sense so im not believn any of this… SCORPIOS ALLDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ainsley

    this is so retarted im a twin and am born in the year of the gemini! im going to stay that way thank you very much!

  • Tiblet

    Want to explain while the rest of the signs have the approximate same length, that Scorpio has now become less than two weeks long. Kiss my butt,I’m keeping my Scorpio sign. Maybe you should look at people’s traits. It’s a little late in the ball game to be changing this when you don’t even have equal time slots on each.

  • lvlz

    am i retarded or is the first part of december missing

  • Hilarious1209

    I think this new person needs to go sit down some where and twittle his/her fingers and come up with something new to do with his/her life. I am a what Sagittarius for life and I have no means on becoming no damn CAPRICORN!!!! or Scorpio for that matter…and nor do I possess the characteristics of a CAPRICORN!!! And what is this new word and zodiac sign…Ophiuchus, what characteristics and symble are related to this Ophiuchus? this is some silliness that some one conjured up TRYING to screwing up peoples head, only the weak, easily mislead and intimated will believe this B.S.

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  • Dustin

    You only get 6 days to be a Scorpio?

  • kara

    @dustin- haha i just saw that!!! i land in those 6 days. this is fucking retarded

  • Heather

    They spelt “October,” incorrectly.

  • Brittney Cavallari

    What the hell

  • Emily

    Yea, I definitely got a Pisces tattoo thinking that will never change. lol I’m staying Pisces.

  • Toochie

    This is so lame. I am nothing like my “new sign” Taurus. I think I’m just gonna stay with Gemini seeing as it fits me to a “T” and it’ what I’ve been for the past 21 years.

  • A

    That’s bull. Whats the point of changing signs? This better not actualy happen.

  • yvonne

    wait i just went over it again how could i go from being a virgo to being leo i was born sept 16 ive always been a virgo

  • shakira

    This has to be one of the stupidest things I have every heard. This guy is honestly retarded and just wants attention and wants to be famous for coming up with something “new”. Wowwww! What will they think of next?… soon they will probably add 3 days to each month who knows. But you can just go changing something like this that has been around for so many years.

  • Key

    REALLY? why would they randomly add a new zodiac sign?! This is BS! First of all how they going to change this when it has been like this for many years. My “new zodiac sign” does not fit me at all! So I’m just going to stick with my old sign because it fits me perfectly and I’m not changing mine at all!

  • maggie

    What am I in the new calendar then, my birthday falls on the 8th of december?

  • lizzy

    err..what the hell is this? i mean i’m a virgo i’m shy and all the shit related to virgo and now i’m supposed to be a leo.. i mean i dont like to be the best in everything and i dont have friends and i think Leos got lots of friends, i’m just confused? and sad :( i dont wanna be a Leo..i love being a VIRGO :(

  • BRian

    What happens when your birthday is Sept 16th? The new list says I’m two different signs….

  • Vangie J

    Insane in the membrane!!!!!!

  • Em

    This is probably the stupidest things I’ve heard in a long time. While I don’t look at this stuff everyday, I know that I fit in with my old sign, Aquarius, perfectly and so does all of my friends with their signs. The old list has been around the longest and most people will not want to change just because some guy says this stuff. There’s no point to it. I’m gonna stick with my old sign, thank you very much. So you can just toss this new list straight into the trash bin.

  • Reality check

    If it has to do with the alignment of the earth, then this should only apply to people who have been born since the shift. If the shift has been gradual, then they need to come up with a table denoting the different years and their appropriate zodiac date shifts. Where’s the REAL science?

  • Kal

    This is Total Bullshit!

  • rosiee

    hate it.

  • RoSieEe

    this is retarded how would they change it after soooo many yrs they should just keep it the way it is…. but i guess they have nuttin better to do…. i was born a sagittaruis nd im gunna die a sagittarius!!!!

  • Bethany P

    I will be COMPLETELY honest. My heart was smashed. </3 I have been an Aries for 15 YEARS. I love Aries with all my friggen heart. Now I'm a Pisces?? Thanks alot. You just ruined my life.. ='(


  • suzanne

    this is straight up bull shit im a Gemini no mater what this shit says i was born a Gemini and ill be a Gemini till the day i die.

  • Catherine

    You know, my personality & birthday matches with the OLD capricorn, no other sign! Ugh! This is total bs. There’s no way you can just change it? Doesn’t make any sense. .

  • chelsea

    This is stupid. I’ll forever be a Taurus. Not changing it just because some guy ‘discovered’ something.

  • Lisa Pflaumer

    R u serious, just because we in a new yr, this all changes, someone is getting paid to change this, can i have his paycheck?????

  • Kilgrim

    ‘This is the stupidest thing the government has ever done!’

    Ahahahahahaha. All of these comments are ridiculous. The article too actually, seeing as astronomers didn’t ‘change’ anything, that’s just the way it is, but no one really brought it into the mainstream until now.
    And being astronomers, which is a scientific field, I’m sure most of them don’t even believe in astrology.
    To the writer of the article, get your facts straight, do some research.
    To the commenters..well most of you didn’t even read the poorly written article well enough to take anything from it, so you’re not only misinformed, but also morons. Yay!

  • Rae Ann

    What the heck happened to NOV 30 thru DEC 16????? Those people don’t exist anymore??? This is STUPID!!!

  • Tammy

    This is a bunch of bull *. My mom has been a Gemini for 50 years and now sh has to say she is Tauras. that is crazy. First they come up with Pluto isnt a planet its a star, not this. Whats next? Seems like every day alittle more of what we believe in gets taken away.

  • Sam

    Totally doesn’t apply to those born before it’s creation… lol. A personality just doesn’t shift because a new sign was made. Go figure.

  • Rachel

    This is ridiculous! You can’t just change the zodiac signs. I’m a Taurus and I’ll stay a Taurus even with the new list due to my birthday but seriously, this makes no sense!!! You can’t just change something only because a smartass who has a good reputation among scientists decided to change it for the whole humanity! What does the alignment of the Earth matter anyway with the months we are born in??? Seriously, get a life and start working on something serious like get some education into the 3rd world and help them out instead of getting all smartass and trying to change something that has been done in like forever!!!

  • jamie

    ok so this is probably one of the stupidest things i have ever heard of, ima sagittarius and always will be… not a orpeatus or whatever thyr trying to come up with… i really really hope that this really doesnt catch on bc i have a sagittarius tat on my back plus im a full blow sag i have all the personality traits and everything…. its complete bull crap.

  • Stasia

    Stupid, completely idiotic. Why must everything be changed? Just leave it as it is. I believe in this stuff and by doing this they have messed everything up. I’m so upset about this, it’s an outrage!

  • jrny4wrd

    So I can see how this would effect the energy around us. Say the moons pressure is now emotionally one thing rather the other. But, how would that effect our chemical makeup of the yesterdays birth?

  • Lindsay

    Well then…That kinda sucks considering I have gemani tatooed on me and I am not a genmani anymore :/

  • lyndsay


  • MommaOf3

    Okay, obviously people don’t know how this works. Your sign is based on WHEN you were born, not what the sign is now. It goes by when and where you were born (place, time, and date). SO. . .for those of you all pissed off, chill, you are still the same sign. This will “effect” anyone born after the change. As for adding a 13th, it was made to only be 12 due to superstitions.

  • Hard Proof

    This is so FALSE, Scientific Evidence to back it up,

    You Are Welcome. You can calm down now.

  • Hard Proof this is false

    This is so FALSE, Scientific Evidence to back it up, You Are Welcome. You can calm down now.

  • Leila

    OHMYGOD! This change hasn’t been approved yet; and even if it is, the change only applies to people born 2009 and later!!

  • Califdan45

    What is your birth sign if you were born between Nov 30th and Dec 16th?? It doesn’t say

  • Shaylin

    uhm, this is completly dumb.Im not a gemini, I will never be a gemini, and I will always be a cancer. No matter what they say. I dont match any of the gemini traits, and match all of the cancer. So, deal with it because Im not changing. :)

  • Vanessa

    I’ve always been a Libra, and my personality is spot on to what Libra is, and my horoscopes are always accurate. I am a Libra. People are saying this will only apply to people born from 2009 onwards, but that isn’t what these are saying.
    I will always be a Libra, I’m not a Virgo.

  • Anakalia

    Thats all fine. But You only mention the change of the sun sign. When we are actually ruled by our rising sign. And fear not to all of you who dont like this idea. Because if you really want to know the sign you are ruled by you would have your charts done which is astronomy based by the true alignment of the stars!!!!

  • Grace

    i agree with Vanessa and others saying their “new” signs don’t fit. one person can change what we’ve known for centuries? no! i’m a leo, and pluto is still a planet.

  • chill out

    If someone tells you the sky is plaid, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Same with this. This is some guy flaunting his “knowledge” of stars. Just because he says it’s so, doesn’t make it so.

  • Samantha

    The way that I see it these new signs can kiss my bum. In polite terms that is. I live by the logo if it is not broken then don’t fix it. But apparently who ever changed this obviously doesn’t. But yeah have always been a Leo and will always be a Leo.

  • Michiko

    this is what happens when people sit down and don’t have nothing else to do….luckily i am still my sign. unfortunately, all of my kids, who i have tats on my body…are all different. i am still gonna consider my kids what they are originally……you can’t just change something because you want to

  • Caitlin

    regardless of what “Science” says, I have grown up as an aquarius and I will continue to identify with an Aquarius. My personality is nothing like that of a capricorn.

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  • Henry Mlilo

    The zodiac star change HELL no, l think the person behind all this has gone completely TONTO………

  • Alicia


  • john

    f this im still a gemini

  • john

    Pluse this is retarded I say what I am n say we stop payong people big money to make shit up

  • shanna

    Who cares, i dont even believe in it

  • Ivan

    To Dwana West (answer #9):
    How do you know you’ve been your respected sign for 50% of your life? Do you know until when you’re going to live? I am laughing very hard over here haha.

  • Delicatefew

    For the people who are wondering where there birthday is now… the people who made this website didn’t put up the new sign that they added, Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17. Technically they aren’t changing it more like fixing their mistake they should have fixed a long time ago but I agree with the majority of the people who are annoyed by the change!

  • Liss

    This only applies to people born after 2009, stop freaking out. The planets’ alignments have changed in the last 5000 years and the people born in the last few years are born under a new sun sign. You were still born under the sign you’ve always known if it was before 2009. Do a little research people.

  • Kacy Nickell

    This is a crock of shit and I am not changing mine.. I have always been a Gemini and I will always be one. I also have a friend who has a tattoo of her zodiac sign and ain’t happy lol.. We are not changing. and that is that

  • Patty Eible

    This is unbelievable I am Scorpio not a Virgo come on I love Scorpio it fits my mood anyways why go with Virgo? I think they change it to make money I think. Bravo :( I rather not believe this until they approve it for now some websites dont have it change yet so why change it?

  • Fred R

    Hell its nice going 26 years thinking i was a Scorpio to be thrown into the Libra category when im nothing like a f ing Libra This is some bull ill tell ya and now to make scorpio 6 days long WOW

  • Keyara

    Uhm… wheres the rest of november and beginning of december?

  • Sunny

    Lol so funny. You guys raging over some funny symbols.

  • Anna


  • Danielle

    My name is Aimee, I have been doing astrology charts for friends and family for years now. I know that to change the signs is completly out of the question. My new sign and that of my friends do not match our personalities at all. I was a Scorpion, and now I am a Libra. Two completely different personality types. I still claim myself a Scorpion- full of venom.

  • tiffy

    No way in Hell am I a Taurus! Gemini fo’ life!

    Oan, I noticed that it’s mostly us Gemini’s who are pissed about this… LOL

  • Jamie

    this is all just crazy ive been a virgo for 40 yrs now im a leo what ever does it really matter what sign you r anyway

  • Aries

    UMMM I was named because I was born under this sign and for ever will be an Aries…And say my name was Sean or Steve and I was born under the sign of Aries I still would be an Aries forever. This Kuncle person can go and shit in a hat. He or she is an idiot!!!!! Why does everyone wan to always change things….Your an ASS if you go with this Bull SHit….What ever sign you are born under is what you wil be in this life an dthe next.

  • ron schwietzer

    that’s a bunch of crap, leave thing be

  • Sarah

    Scorpio only 5 days?!??

  • Anne

    Oh common now…that is like saying your name is Mary one day and the next day Mike because the name doesn’t jive..gimme a break

  • John

    whats really retarded is the fact that the signs end with the same date as the sign right after that so what is that person considered if there birthday falls on that day?

  • Kunkle-destroyed-my-family

    Ever since these new dates came up my wife says we’re astrologically incompatible. She’s threatening to leave me! How am I supposed to explain this to my kid? He’s now a Scorpio which means he’ll probably beat the shit out of me!
    when I find this Kunkle guy…

  • Bobbi-Jo

    This is completely ridiculous!! I cannot believe that they would do this. I am far from my “new sign”. Why change perfection?!?

    And further more… I have a zodiac tattoo… How am I suppose to explain that one?! Lol

  • Grant

    your all stupid…for caring in the first place…and even more so for trying to say its “bs”

    its all bs…but this is actually making it less bs

    all you stupid “i was born a ____, im gunna stay a ______”

    you realize that this means it has been wrong…forever…so technically you where not born the sign you thought you where.

    again…i think this just all proves that its all been bullshit from the beginning of time and your all stupid.

  • Miss Taurus

    1 more thing you forgot 2 add all of November too… This has got 2 be fake

  • Cassandra Wallace

    Not a freakin chance!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard of. You cannot go changing peoples signs that they’ve had all their freakin lives.



  • bret

    this is crap leave alone born scorpio gonna stay scorpio

  • Zach.

    I dont think this is right at all. You cant just change something like this. Im a CANCER ALL DAY! And thats all im gonna be.

  • Jade the rock

    I was born a Pisces and lived happily as a Pisces until today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha, but still. I wont be a freaking aquarius, i was in absolute happiness with my Pisces-ness!!!!!!!

  • Becca

    Sorry. I reject this completely. End of discussion. :)

  • Alda


  • Ant P

    Ditto, what “Becca” said and oh yea so stupid!!!
    P.S. and Vickie thinks so too!

  • Kelley

    F**k this. It’s so stupid. You can’t just change our Zodiac signs.

  • Amanda

    Sorry, not happening. I have been I libra my whole life of 23yrs and thats what I am going to stay so sorry but that is what I am and will always be until the day I die

  • Tong Yamada

    Laars Johnson is an ignorant tard… anywhoo I believe I have some clarification on this. we have nothing to worry about as we were born under the previous alignment of the stars, they apparently changed when or sometime before we hit the new year, for example, from here on out any people that had the bday march 2nd, won’t be pisces anymore, they’ll be aquarius now :D

  • Jason

    What a crock of SHIT!!! And these people are *suppose* to be smarter than the rest of us!??? LMFAO! Id be surprised if any of these “smart” people could even change a light bulb! Instead of pissing away money into Astrology research, how about um maybe… help feed the homeless??????

  • O_O

    I don’t care. I am going to be what I have always been, and not change what others think is right. It is not like having the “wrong” astrological sign means you have committed a crime. Good luck with convincing everyone to start following along this trend!

  • Zeiva

    Does this mean the Chinese are going to change their signs too? I like being the Snake!

  • Christian


  • Kelsey

    I really don’t understand why people are so worked up about this. There are tons of people who never fit the personality type of their sign before. I also don’t think anyone has the right to call this bullshit, unless of course they happen to be an astronomer and can prove it so. It really doesn’t matter that much. Keep whatever sign you like.

  • jen

    there use to be a sing of a man holding a snake i don’t remember what month or what it was called but it was taken off the zodiac years ago so u R what U R . I’m A Virgo and always will be :)

  • Melanie

    I was born a Taurus and will always remain a Taurus!!!!

  • Nikki

    The reason theres missing dates is because they didn’t include the new sign in there chart!
    & to people saying they’re staying what they were, then obviously the Zodiac is just an attitude to you, because TECHNICALLY the zodiac signs are only based on the planets alignment when you born, and this change took place about 2 thousand years ago, so no, your actually whatever the alignment has now been recognized as !
    This isn’t a legal binding, some people don’t believe in Zodiac signs atall, so why everyones getting up in arms about it is beyond me !

  • courts

    this is SO stupid. like really!!

  • madeleine

    there is no way i ever will consider myself anything but a capricorn. i think that i am a typical capricorn and nothing else will ever fit me. so just leave it alone dont change something that has been this way for such a long time

  • BZT

    Wow I do not want to be a flipping sagittarius, I am and always will be a capricorn it actually fits my personality. this is one of the most messed up things someone has ever come up wih

  • jeff

    Its all B.S. anyway> All these people that look at there signs to see what kind of day they are going to have. Now all that was wrong anyway if you believe in that. I dont read mine anyway but i have my scorpio TATTOO on me and thats what i will always be!!!!! PERIOD

  • jesie

    dude, it only applies if you were born in 2009. otherwise it doesnt.

  • Geoff

    This is just plain retarded. I’m still going by the old one. Don’t these people have anything better to do with there time then make up so phony garbage?

  • http://Fb Tony

    Wow u sign believers are crazy stupid. Everyone on here is a moron. I’m just in shock how retarded people can actually be. Stop bitching about something that isn’t real, that won’t change you in anyway y’all are just LOCO!!! ‘oh no my sign changed I’ll never be the same :( ” IDIOTS!! and the people who say they don’t believe in the new one… You’re dumb as rocks for believing in the first place! Everyone get a life and quit living in the dream world where everybodys divided into 12(13) categories pending on star position. RETARDS

  • Get News and Book » Zodiac Sign Changes and New Sign Ophiuchus – FOX 9 News

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  • Grams69

    Obviously…u all are uneducated in our earths atmosphere…and the laws of mother nature!!!!!u are all stuck in ur ways and afraid of change…live in the moment..this could be an intresting discovery and go with the flow and get a life..and be more positive instead of negative….I LOVE BEING NEW ON THE GRID (sign) :>

  • Leah

    Not to happy about this my bd I’d June 8 , so hard to believe I’m a Taurus not a Gemini …… I think this is crazy

  • jenna

    This is bull shit! I don’t wanna be a damn cancer my b-day is on the 9th of august! It’s so close to staying a leo!!! I’m still saying I’m a leo I’ve been and acted like a leo for forever! The new one’s for people who try new thing when this is pretty much who we are, how we act! Not fair at all, I even named my pet at my sign(leo) and it will have no significance to anything

  • Lil p

    This is just odd!
    Aparently it only is in effect for kids born starting in 2009
    …. Anyone able to back that up? It would be so weird!
    My son is may 29/09, my mum may 31/59, my uncle ma 31/61, my brother June 2/82,
    That would make my brother, uncle n mother still gemini, and my son a Taurus,
    I’m a Taurus, may 7/80
    This is just to weird!

  • unique

    This is ridiculous if ur so upset bout it look it up online nd u will see parke kunkler in every article stating that basically this should not b a shock to so many ppl its been known for 3000 yrs I don’t believe in astrology well mostly the horoscope part u can’t base ur life off of that bs but this whole thing is accurate LOOK IT UP the original 12 was not truly the original it was changed to become more conventional just cause ur mad over this don’t give u the right to hate anyone for announcing this to the public I always believed I was a capricorn nd yes the personality traits fit me perfectly so I will continue to rep my capricorn based on that but that doesn’t mean that that is deffinately for a fact the constellation that the sun was pointing at the day I was born so if u want to continue to rep ur sign u have always believed u r then do it nd stop b******* get over it its fact its not gonna change its not gonna go anywhere so move on!

  • Flomaticc

    We could actually care about “the signs changing” or just trust God and read the bible. :) love you guys

  • Thadaeus English “aquarian”

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of, this article seems to be based on the gregorian calender, astrologists have never used this calender to tell star signs, I have never been so annoyed, i have just woken up and been shown this.
    If they are going to add a starsign they should re-introduce Ariachnid, if no-one associated with this new sign change knows what that is they are idiots who don’t know their job.

  • Toni Edwards

    I absolutely love this! How ridiculous! I was a Scorpio and now am a Libra, always wanted to be a Libra. So thanks to absolute nonsense, my day has been made. Here’s to 2011!

  • tom petty

    THis is absolute horse crap… i am a capricorn and thats how it will always be

  • Jen

    Even though I was born on the cusp of Aries and Taurus, I’ve always had more Taurean traits about me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it lol. Here’s also a little info about the new sign they are wanting to add.

    Ophiuchus (English pronunciation: /ˌɒfiˈjuːkəs/ or /ˌoʊfiˈjuːkəs/[1]) is a rarely used astrological sign and is not included in most versions of the Zodiac. It is also known as Serpentarius. The eponymous constellation is situated behind the sun between November 29 and December 17

    The signs are defined as 30-degree segments of the ecliptic, of which there are twelve, and they are named after nearby constellations at the time the system was developed. However, a few sidereal astrologers (such as Walter Berg) consider the Sun to be in the sign Ophiuchus when it is in the constellation Ophiuchus, which is November 29 to December 17. Tropical Astrology does not recognize Ophiuchus as a valid Sun sign.

    Although not incorporated into the 12-sign zodiac used by astrologers, Ophiuchus and some of the fixed stars in it were sometimes used by astrologers in antiquity as extra-zodiacal indicators (i.e. astrologically significant celestial phenomena lying outside of the 12-sign zodiac proper).

    An anonymous 4th century astrologer, often known as Anonymous of 379, seems to have associated “the bright star of Ophiuchus”, likely α Ophiuchi, with doctors, healers or physicians (ἰατρῶν).[3]

  • glaiza rous

    its… so hard to adjust grrrrr…. y do we still need to change our zodiacs… golly!!! kalurkey_philippines

  • Marianne

    WHAT THE !!!! This is such bull!!! No way I’m changing my sign. There are still 12 months, keep the 12 zodiac signs….

  • dev

    okay. so first off nov. 30-dec. 19 does not exist. also, anyone born on april 18, may 13, june 21, july 20, so on and so forth have two zodiac signs. tell me if this makes sense because it doesn’t to me. the new zodiacs is a bunch of crap and this web page doesn’t know how to make a fake “new” zodiac.

  • melissa

    honestly i think this is bull shit

  • Tammy

    NNNNOOOO leave it as it is, dont change it !!!!! Too many people count on this the WAY IT IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • June

    I for one am not a strong believer in astrology, however it didn’t “Just Change” The signs are all based on astrology, or the relationship of the Earth with the Sun. Over the centuries that the Zodiac existed the earth has been shifting position in relationship with the sun, therefore it only makes sense that it would change. For those concerned about Nov. 29 -Dec. 17th there is actually a new sign. The new sign is Ophiuchus. Again it makes sense because of the rotation of the earth. (Don’t be surprised if down the road they change the calendar and add a 13th month.) Whatever “name” they give your astrological sign, it doesn’t change who you are. They will just change the characterics of the signs to match the new names.

  • When I Look at the Stars… | bloomingbuzz

    [...] (source) [...]

  • Sheree

    And there you have it.. your zodiac is determined by what SEASON you were born in, if your zodiac were to change, then that would be saying a summer baby ……wasn’t really born in the summer.. EPIC FAIL.
    I might add. Get your information from a RELIABLE source. Not everything you see on the internet is true.

  • Christine

    Ok, right, I doth necessarily believe in all of this, but if our star sign is supposed to determine our characteristics and all of that shit, then, what happens? Are we all suddenly gonna change? This is the most ridiculously stupid retorted thing in the world. I love being an Aries and I’m not gonna change that! mr ‘i’m so clever, I noticed that its changed in the last few hundred years’ get a proper hobby, like, watch trees grow or something!! Nuff said!

  • Christine

    Ps, apologies for the really bad spelling! What Im typing on, is predicting everything I say! E.g don’t! And retarded!

  • rhonda

    So, do all the qualities/attributes previously associated with a sign move with the new sign? Example, I’m currently a Virgo and have all he typical Virgo qualities – under this new chart, I’m a Leo. I have no Leo traits – at all. So, does the new Leo have Virgo traits or the old Leo traits? I don’t think people should change this since it’s difficult to prove for or against. What’s next the Chinese Calendar will change too?

  • Dianna

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life, once a Pisces always a Pisces. I am not changing anything.



  • Taytay

    Fucc dat i already got da Leo tatted so u aint changing shit IM STILL A LEO BITCHES!!!

  • Monquez Pippins

    Screw this ASSHOLE! This is why the world is so damn confused now! Constantly messing with things that dont need to be messed with! It wasnt broken so leave it alone. I dont care what the hell this guy says I was born a leo and im staying a damn leo!!!!!!!!!



  • Monquez Pippins

    LEO the muthafuckin lion bitches!!! RRROOOOAAAARRR!!! Damn It! RRRROOOAAARR!!

  • lil red

    I refuse to change my sign!!!! I am a leo and thats where I will stay thats all to it!!!

  • Alisha

    this is all just stupid i don’t believe in my zodiac sign its just a joke anyway and if i affended anyone im sorry i just think its stupid…i don’t care what i am now just think in another 10 to 20 years its all going to change again boo freakin hoo

  • jess

    Ok, maybe I’m missing something b/c I’m in a hurry, but I’m looking at this old vs new shit and it leaves me NOWHERE. I was born on 12/15 so wtf am I??? It appears that if you were born from 11/30-12/16 you are nothing…. am i missing something?

  • AAyles

    Jess, yes, you’re missing the part of the post that says that “You’re an Opiuchus if your birthday falls from Nov 29 – Dec 17.”

    That’s what they’re saying anyways. But, it might only be for people born in 2011 and later. We’ll see!

  • Jay

    Surely they really aint going 2change the signs. i have bee an Aries for 35 years and who came up with this idea anyway. Y dnt people jus learn 2leave good things alone. this is purely ridiculous. is ther anything we can do 2 stop this IGNORANT change from happening??? like i said RIDICULOUS!!!

  • Babygurl

    Im kinda lost here lol some of you are talking about the Aries and Aquarius signs not being there and where are your birthdays are or something can someone tell me what you all are talkin about??

  • Angeleyez143

    November 30 – December 16 this on the new sign which dont seem to be on this chart grrrr
    these are the new dates and signs :) Astronomers say that the following are the “real” dates where the stars are currently aligned:

    Capricorn: Jan. 20 to Feb. 16.
    Aquarius: Feb. 16 to March 11.
    Pisces: March 11 to April 18.
    Aries: April 18 to May 13.
    Taurus: May 13 to June 21.
    Gemini: June 21 to July 20.
    Cancer: July 20 to Aug. 10.
    Leo: Aug. 10 to Sept. 16.
    Virgo: Sept. 16 to Oct. 30.
    Libra: Oct. 30 to Nov. 23.
    Scorpio: Nov. 23 to 29.
    *Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 to Dec. 17.
    Sagittarius: Dec. 17 to Jan. 20.

    The list now includes Ophiuchus, a constellation the ancient Babylonians dropped because they wanted 12 star signs instead of 13, one for each month of the year

  • Jimbo

    hey people rading this and sayin there are no birff days for nov to dec well thats the new sign idiots so change if you want or dont i dont think people will argue with you if they ask so do what you want they did

  • The end is near

    We are now one step closer of the end of the world. It’s not 2012. The end of the world will be 2020.

  • Anne from Maine

    Um…My birthday is December 8th…so now I have NO SIGN? ok….that’s fine since it’s all hogwash anyways!

  • To Funny

    This is to funny, anyone born on the dates between Nov 30th and Dec 16th do not have a sign, I will be sticking to the old one thank you very much.

  • Lesley

    What I want to know, is why there isn’t a “like or a LMAO” button for these comments? I mean seriously? All this makes for some great and humorous reading, and some of you should definatley get several thumbs-ups on your opinions. But for all intensive purposes, I think that this is all just some sort of elaborate hoax meant to get a rise out of everyone. If you truly believe in your birth sign, more power to you. I agree. No one is going to make me say that I am no longer a Pisces. I was born one, and I will die one. I just think that we should be able to each other kudos on here :)

  • Mike

    Oh no!

    My wife and I are no longer compatible! I’m filing the divorce papers today, since astrology is totally true.

  • Danielle

    I DON’T WANT TO BE A LEO!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    Okay all my friends agree with me that this is stupid!!!!!!!!!

  • Terri

    ok whos lame idea was this , you would think someone would have better use for their time , like fixing world hunger or fixing the ozone …but no they have to dink around with the zodiac..WTF im a LEO and im STAYING a LEO…my tax dollars better not be paying for this stupid sh*T.

  • Tina

    What happened to the first part of Dec. in the new one.My dad was born on the 1st

  • Lisa

    Okay so if the signs have chaged how come people born November 30 through December 16 do not have a sign at all…according to the new chart above. do they not exist??????

  • ex-Libra

    This IS ridiculous, especially to the true believers in this stuff, but if this is true, that makes me re-virginized as a Virgo! hahaha

  • rainbowxjumper

    guess i don’t exist since my birthday isn’t up there. Lovely. LIARRRR.

  • MadAsHell

    I am so pissed right now I feel like someone actually changed my world. (To hell with all of you making fun of those of us who believe in this…) Anyone’s ever really studied up on the subject, will usually find they fit right into their sign. So….what? Now I’m not a capricorn anymore? So?….now everything that actually made sense…INCLUDING the type of sign I’m more compatible with (which has ALWAYS been correct and SPOT ON)…is supposed to change too? All this “change” is, is “dates” and “names”…this idiot didn’t even bother to talk about the changes in description of personalities….and why??? BECAUSE THEY WERE ALREADY CORRECT YOU MORON! God, sometimes stupid people actually DO get their voices heard. He’s one of them.

  • Sher

    Once an Aries, always an Aries. Some things just don’t change!

  • Steve

    Amazing. Astrology is based on the path of the sun (a random star of billions) as it travels through the sky between the earth and other random stars that are billions of light years apart from one another and were arbitrarily grouped into patterns by people long dead. It means nothing. I might as well assign astrologic signs based on the alignment of dandelions in my back yard. Although, if I were to do that, some people would probably believe me. Scientology, anyone?

  • Brittany

    I don’t think the signs should change at all. this is rediculous. I don’t care if they just discovered something that was done over 100 years ago. everything i have from journal, to pictures frames, to certain horoscopes i kept to shirts to jewelry i have is virgo. this should not change. it just should be a part of history discovered instead of actually changing it back. there was a reason it was taken off the astrology so keep it that way.

  • yuen

    omfg i don’t want ot be a cancer… im a leo forever

  • omprakash

    Piece of crap

  • Stephanie

    I’ve always found that I am the epitome of what is described as the ‘Pisces Woman”, and my natal reports have always described me to a T! I never have and never will be an Aquarius! Screw THAT! And what about vedic, chinese, ect. ect.? Have those changed as well? I REFUSE to acknowledge this new zodiac.

  • Michelle

    this is fucking bs! i think u need to change everything the way it was! No one likes there new zodiac sign !

  • Zack

    I’m an aquarius and that’s what im gunna stay. And for all you retards who don’t care about this, then shut the hell up. This change may not apply to you but it does to others so shut your mouths and let people believe what they wanna believe. If you dont care then stay the hell of this site! Well there’s my 2 cents. Aquarius forever :)

  • Anyssaaaa!

    Ok.. i HATE this new astrology!!!! I WANT THE OLD ASTROLOGY SIGNS BACK!!!!!!!!! Im a capricorn and I ALWAYS WILL BE A CAPRICORN!!!!! This new astrology is BS!!!! Nuff’ said.

  • Marlee


  • Marlee


  • Marlee

    Not offense to any taurus out there by the way, but it’s just not me.

  • Charles

    Thought I was a virgo but leo sounds more like me. Odd

  • ashley

    so what about people born on may 13th are they Aries and Taurus?

  • http://kidglue cindy crowder

    This is such crap. Do you know how many people have there zodiac signs tattooed on there bodies. Loved ones.childeren ect…. Why do so many people in this world have to change stuff that is so important to so many humans in the world as this is… Leave it alone and like it is and has been for so many years.

  • Matt

    NEW revelation? This has been known to be an error for the past 1500 years.

    Changed over the past few hundred thousand years? It makes a complete cycle every 26000 years. The change is much faster.

    This article is fucking retarded. Do some research.

  • Raab

    It’s become blatantly apparent that for the most part, every angry post has come from some ignoramus who “thinks” they know what they are talking about when they clearly don’t. First off, Astrology is WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT; your horoscope vaguely describes your day, and anything that happens that has some minute connection with your horoscope, you respond with…OMG my horoscope was right. Specific traits and descriptions of personalities aren’t limited to specific signs, and compatibility is the same. Parke Kunkle didn’t change anything, he just made a point that there are 13 constellations (that we can see). I even knew that. We (North America) follow the Tropical Zodiac which is based on seasons, not constellations. The sidereal zodiac is all that is affected. For all those who fret because they have their zodiac symbol as tattoos or whatnot, stop freaking out, whatever you were born with, that’s what you are. If you want to get angry at something realistic, try organized religion.

  • Adam

    To J. I am sure you are so handsome as well!

  • wtf420

    The new sign isn’t even on this list.

  • L2

    Who decided this? We was born a Cancer, and we will die a Cancer, take that know it alls.

  • AC Wells

    @ mike

    January 13th, 2011 – 2:10:15 PM

    I don’t know what’s more retarded , this article or the ridiculous level of stupidity in the comments.

    Mike, you rock my world. Exactly what I was thinking.

  • lotiel

    I was born a Virgo, and my personality is most definitely Virgo, not Leo. I’m shy, detailed, shrewd, and critical, not outgoing and adventurous in the least.

  • D. F.

    No zodiac signs have changed. This whole thing is just whistle-blowing by an ‘astronomer’ who didn’t do his research and a journalist who understands news these days is all about ’splash.’

    The following is from an article posted on in response to the hulla-baloo:

    “This story is born periodically as if someone has discovered some truth. It’s not news,” said Jeff Jawer, an astrologer with, told CNN’s This Just In news blog.

    Astrology experts say the shift in zodiac signs does not apply to most Westerners, who follow the tropical zodiac, which is fixed to the seasons. In contrast, the Star Tribune article referred to the sidereal zodiac, which is fixed to constellations and is followed more in the East.”

  • vivien

    I think astrology is facinating and I think we all possess traits from each of the signs but you are the one that determines who you are and who you become. I find it interesting that most people arnt comfortable with their “new” sign. Maybe embracing the characteristics of this new sign will help us become more well rounded. Whether we like it or not the earth and constellations will change with or without our permission.

  • vivien

    woops I meant to say without our permission…lol

  • cassie

    AAyles, this article actually isn’t accurate. you said if you were a virgo, now you’re a leo, if you’re a leo you’re now a cancer. However, I am a leo and my sign has not changed according to the chart.

  • NO CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Linda A.

    Speak for yourself, Michelle. Not everyone doesn’t like their new sign. I do.

    Having said that, I don’t believe in that astrology crapola myself, but all my life (50+ years), I’ve been a Capricorn; now I’m a Sagittarius. So what! Big, freakin’ deal!

    I looked up the character traits for both signs, and I found out that I have most of the positive traits of both signs, and none of the negative traits of either sign, so, that’s good. (Better than the other way around!) I like the positive characteristics of both signs, but, since I’ve been a Cappy for so long and I’m just a newly-minted Sagittarius, I’m just going to combine the two and think of myself as a Caprittarius. {;-)

    Lighten up, kids! It’s only astrology, for Pete’s sake! SHEESH!

  • LatinNena

    totally LAME!!!!! just leave it as it is….. Who cares if the earth has rotated or the stars are in different order… it has been like that for 300 plus years… just LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!! NO ONE is going to adapt to the new change… who ever did this just wasted their time on stupid stuff,,,, focus on bettering the ecomomy etc…

  • marvin mickeal dona

    i will be aquaruis no way
    its ah badluck

  • melissa

    i think this shyt is so stupid and i will always be gemini…

  • droofer

    All this time, I just thought it was all B.S… Turns out I was just reading the predictions for the wrong sign…

    Try reading the Bible… Instead of this astrological stuff that just separates you from God…


  • Kelly Holzhaus

    WHAT???? I’m not even a few hundred thousand years old yet!!! Someone should drown that Kunkle guy and since I dont plan on changing from Aquarius, I have the right tools to do that!!! Yeah right!!! As if I want to go from being a peaceful waterbearing aquarius to being a hard headed Capricorn… NEVER gonna happen!!! I dont care what some idiot says I am and will forever be an Aquarius!!! Get a life Kunkle!!!

  • polarisx

    aha i dont care bstah acu aries pa rin eheh april 18 is aries pa rin naks…

  • Vember

    i read all 268 comment CAN’T STOP LAUGHING you guys… to funny! haha anyway i dnt really belve any astrology after all… just belve in GOD! no one else..

  • Think some?

    Those of you’s blaming this man about changing it don’t make sense at all. If the alignment has changed and the Zodiac signs are now consistant with a certain time line that is Mother Natures fault, not his, he is just addressing this issue.

    You may of been born under a certain star alignment and still have the correct zodiac but throughout the years those born now will be born under a new alignment.

    I am not one that follows horoscopes but I do understand the concept.

  • Delbert

    I think it’s the stupidest piece of shit garbage I have ever seen. Who is this moron anyway, they need to have the shit beat out of them for even talking such nonsense.

  • JON

    haha Mine doesn’t even change. I’m still Aquarius. Feb. 17th is my birthday!

  • Jason

    This is BS!!!!¸If your born on the last day of a zodiac sign like me your also born on the first day of the next zodiac sign? get a freakin life!

  • Ellis

    This is not corect thair is 13 now. Ophiuchus November 30 – December-18

  • Red1060

    This is ridiculous!!! I don’t understand how and why one person can supposedly see something and then convince others to change things. (Example) The planet(PLUTO). Now because someone decided it wasn’t a planet changed things. IT’S RIDICULOUS!!! So if we are looking at the stars on a clear night and our eyes see an outline of , let’s say , a FERRET. DO WE GET TO CHANGE THIS AND ADD A 14TH SIGN?? It’s like people believe anything anymore because they want or need to have something to believe in. EXAMPLE: FAT FREE
    How the heck do you take the fat out. They don’t, but they put it on the package and alot of people believe it. NOT ALL PEOPLE, SOME!

  • Crazeescrub28

    So lol
    I have a Capricorn sign tatted on my wrists cos that was my sign before :/ does that mean Im walking around with a lie now?This is stupid..Guess Ill have to add to my Tat then haha!


    NONONONONONO! I dont belive this at all but even if it is real (i know its not though) I AM STAYING A SCORPIO!! I DONT WANT TO BE A LIBRA!

  • Sally

    I have been a Taurus for almost 67 years and am not about to digress to an Aries. Aries is one of my least liked signs. Aries personality and character is definitely NOT me! I was born a Taurus and will expire as a Taurus.

  • Lea

    Well I mean my sign didn’t change I’m still a Leo so it doesn’t really effect me but they should of just left it where it was. Why change it? And ophirus or whatever the thirteenth zodiac why would they do that are they going to make a thirteenth month too. Ophirmber?

  • Thomas

    You guys are all losers for caring…

  • Kimmie

    I AM A CANCER. July 2nd. I refuse to be Gemini.

    How about we take out (in GOD we trust) and say if your money has those words on it, its not money! >>

    i agree… like just make the signs POKEMON… -.-*

  • cancergirl

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. 13th sign??? This isn’t going to fly with anyone who believes in astrology and their sign. What about rising signs? Did this astronomer think of that? My rising sign is Aquarius. When I had my chart done years ago it finally all made sense to me. I’ve been a Cancer for almost 50 yrs. and I’m not all of a sudden going to be a Gemini because someone says so. Maybe the earths alignment has changed, but I am definitely without a doubt Cancer w/Aquarius rising when I was born. Gemini??? NOT!!!…

  • wade

    okay…maybe he did his math wrong and screwed everything up from there throwing all of it off…
    they deleted Pluto out but added a 13th sign…
    the earth is suppose to shift…or something like that but i don’t think that has to mean that the months are now set different… even if the weather changes… jan is still jan…still 12 months… if they change this and all that means that they have to re-map the leap year(s) and that the leap year is maybe responsible then and that also every so many years or every year people would have a new zodiac that were on that last day of that zodiacs date because we would then have to make up for that leap year which would have to adjust everything…i’m not sure if i got that explained as clearly as i was thinking of it…

  • Hunee

    With this change you are making it a complete and utter joke…..whatever….

  • Mary Joy Emilio

    I’ll never ever be an aries…

  • emily

    gemini, thats what i am, I WILL NEVER CHANGE, this is the dumbest thing i have heard of…EVER, I WAS BORN GEMINI AND IM NOT CHANGING TO TAURUS!!!! PERIOD. So get your stupid retarded act together,i dont believe in this, fake dumb STUPIDITY!

  • Ana

    what happens if you were born Nov 30th to December 16th? You have no sign?!

  • Mckenzi

    honestly, after the whole change in this, my sign actually fits me better. at first i was a virgo, and it made literally no sense to me, so i wasnt interested in it. but now i am a leo and it makes almost complete sense. personally i think everone should just believe what they think. this is just a guide people, believe what you wish, if you think your the old sign, go for it, it is a matter of guidance. How are you gonna let others opinions guide you…?


    for all those who comment on those for getting pisssed off at this and think we r ignorant 4 caring, POINT: under the new system if u r a Cancer born on August 10th then u r also a Leo whose date starts at August 10th and that goes 4 all who wer born on either the start date or end date of any particular sign. u wuld think that mr. Parke Kunkle would at least have the sense to do it right if hes goin 2 do anything. IDIOT!!!

  • Marilyn

    why and the H……..ll dont they leave stuff alone.I am a true blue Libra and will die as one grrrrrrrrr.This person who change this either (1) have to much time on their hands and do not have a REAL job or (2) do not like what their horoscope said for the day.Stupid people DO stupid people stuff.

  • Marilyn

    Amen to Sally…..I am 60 years old,to begain with I was born 2 weeks early so would have made me born on Oct31 not the 18 and so it made me a preme baby and I like u Sally 60 yrs old is a little to late to change because some dummy didnt like what their horoscope for the day ,change urs if u like but leave the H..lll rest us who alone.I am a true blue Libra

  • Ahem,

    Everybody is overreacting; you KEEP YOUR SIGNS. These new signs ONLY COUNT for those BORN IN 2011. Whatever your sign was when you were born is your sign for life. :-)

  • Frannie

    This guy has nothing better to do than change zodiac signs?!?!! Get a real job dude!!! There are more important things to comtemplate then the changing of zodiac signs!!! Get a life!!!

  • Kaitlin

    k people you need to calm down are any of you scientist no so calm the hell down you dont know anything about it

  • Tryn Barela

    I would like to shame on most of you here. They’re just signs– if they changed, so what? Besides, you should wait until more information comes out on this. Those of you who are saying screw science just because you spent most of your life being one way, you are acting like an idiot. Where do you think we would be if people had said that when scientists said, “Sorry guys, the earth is round, not flat!”
    I mean, really. Get a hold of yourselves, people. The earth rotates, the axis wobbles, the constellation positions change. They just made them more accurate, and you’re complaining and rejecting because of CONVENIENCE? What a bunch of lazy people.
    I was an Aries, now I am a Pisces. I find it interesting, and I will read more when more information comes out, but I accept the change because it has evidence to back it up, unlike scientists saying Pluto isn’t a planet. Look at the facts from a unbiased viewpoint, and make a logical decision, people.

  • Lori

    I think that since I have been an Aries for my 37 years to date that I shall remain an Aries. Sure I have traits of practically every zodiac sign out there, but although the Pisces intrigues me, I will probably stay just as hard headed or “ram-like” my entire life. Gotta admit this is pretty interesting though.

  • Elva

    This is ridiculous-where is November 30-December 16th? I am not believing this at all!

  • Tony

    I have always been a VIRGO, now I am suppose to be a LEO! What next? They gonna change our names!

  • Melba in Vermont

    Don’t care about change. I know SOMEONE had to make this up years ago, but since I was BORN under the Aquarius sign, that’s where I’m staying. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this one, and that’s mine. Freedom of opinion. lol I will never claim the Capricorn Sign. Sorry.

  • Melba in Vermont


  • Britz

    My question is, If all of the signs have suddenly changed then the characteristics of each sign will need to change as well. That is if each sign is to correctly represent each person. So what are the new characteristics of each sign then? they will need to be somewhat similar to our old signs.

  • dawsonlegna

    Dear world wreakers, I for one love my crab sign and therefore do not like gmini signs. They are backstabers and two faced ergo the twins. i love being water i am just like what my sign says.

  • judet55


  • alex

    This is crazy u cant just change the signs im so mad im a strong beliver in astroligy my horoscope has always been on point i read it every day i even have my sign tatto on me i refuse 2 clame a differnt sign the astroligy signs have been there 4 years u cant just go changing wat people belive are zodic plants may move but y are they changing each zodiac sign has a plantet that it belongs 2 it doesn matter if it moved it didnt change the plants name so they cant just change the signs when the plants move that just deturmands how we feel and what our horoscope is not wat sign we are

  • melodygroves

    This is for Dwana West: What sign were you the other 50% of your life? Just curious….

  • David

    Look…no matter if the earth moved or not…the stars and planets didn’t. I am a Leo not a cancer. Although, similar in a few aspects, when i read them both their is no denying that i am a Leo. I’m also from the strongest house of the Leo. Yeah, thats right, their are three houses to each sign according to which part of the month you were born in. First of the month, middle, and the end of the month. I’m sure after reading this you can see full well that I’m a Leo. King of the jungle, baby. ;) So, study on that Parke Kunkle. Crabs don’t like to make a “big splash” in life. I like to make the whole ocean hear me. However, I prefer actions apposed to words, but I’ll argue with you for eternity if you insist on me being a cancer and not a Leo.

  • David

    I mean…think about it for a second….to say: “the signs are changed because the Earth has moved” is like saying because I was born in a different part of the Earth I’m a different sign!!! If the Earth flipped upside down…the stars and planets didn’t. Think about it for a second….I mean really….

  • Margaret E. Taylor

    I’ve been a cancer for 51 years just because the earth tilted you are telling me that I’m not that any more. Don’t blame us for the tilt of the world its, not our fault that you have to keep tearing the world up just put a stop to this dumb crap and leave the world alone.True cancer crab

  • JrsyMomma

    It’s just a hoax

  • Solomon Steltzer

    Death of astrology? I sure hope so!

    It’s laughable how all these people are whining about how “[they're] ‘Really a ___’, no matter what the people I until recently considered ’scientific experts’ say!”

    Now is the time to wake up and realise that astrology and horoscopes are complete bullshit.


    we don’t have to be worry abwt our changes in signs, we have to pray because i believe that this changes might be the signs of the end of everything we have! ” ALWAYS PRAY TO GOD “

  • dedeepya

    there’s no zodiac sign for the dates NOV 29th to DEC 17th??? Now how is this justified???

  • safina ali

    i don’t believe in new zadiac sign its only a fake new i m still capri at the end of my life

  • b.wizzle

    my zodiac twin jus called. were gonna stay a gemini.

  • Cass Cass xxxx

    well i’ve lived my whole life as a libra and ima staying a libra not a bloody virgo end of story

  • Cass Cass xxxx


  • Old Libra

    After all the talk about the new sign, they didn’t show it in the table graphic.

  • lindseybeast

    iam a gemini and thats that,this whole thing SUCKS!

  • JayBlack

    Iam very upset i hate this stuff i am a pisces and i always will be this is why we dont like you people. You need to keep stuff the same. i am so upset i am about to throw meg from family guy.

  • No Duh

    Hey, here’s a revelation — this isn’t “news” and there is no “currency” or “timeliness” to this story at all since every astronomer of the past several hundred years already knew this.

  • Joe

    People get used to believing what they are told that when the truth is revealed they don’t buy into it. Stop living a lie! Why claim a sign that aligned on your birthdate thousands of years ago?! The earth tilts and rotates as well changing the alignment as each day goes by a tiny fraction at a time. After thousands of years it adds up causing a shift. The truth is out there but you’d rather stay comfortably wrapped around a blanket of lies! Those who fall on a new sign but chose to keep their old one will now know in the back of their minds that they are fake and living a lie!

  • Diana

    Okay so I have always been intruiged by the idea of the astrological signs. However before I believe this, I would like to see some scientific evidence that validates the claim that makes this true. I want to see many studies done to prove it. Just because one person says it, does not make it true. Until I see some hardcore evidence, I will look at this as psuedoscience.

  • Randy

    And “There’s your sign.” haha
    Constellation-personality, please.
    Just be yourself. The constellations are a whole other world from us, so, just be whatever ya want XD ROCK ON!

  • Cilla

    This is ridiculous! It says that repositioning has been going for a few hundred thousand years. Well if that is so, human have not been around that long n humans created the zodiac, so how can it be wrong? It doesn’t make sence! I’m sticking to what’s been in place for more than 3000 years. That scientist is mad! Making stuff up n add to it! Just for 5 minutes of fame!

  • Sarah Adams

    My sign is a Gemini. I was born on May 25, 1999. So there is NO way that my sign has changed. So why do people keep making a big fuss about it? If you were born after or during 2009, your sign has changed. If you were born before that year, (like me) your sign is still the same. END. OF. SUBJECT. PEOPLE. PLEASE! That’s all I have to say.

  • Bull

    This is bullshit, it doesn’t matter if you have scientific evidence to support this, that’s like saying all the sudden, oh because were blind as bats we didn’t notice how much shit changed, and you really were born in November not january

  • Sky

    Ha this is funny! everybody is gettin so worked up about the change of signs && it’s only 4 ppl who were born after 2009!!!

  • Cailey

    Maybe you should all check this out. For those that live in the WESTERN HEMISPHERE… Our zodiac follows the SEASONS. NOT THE STARS. The “sidereal zodiac” is followed more in the east and is the zodiac that has changed. They’re the ones that follow the stars. READ THE LINK!!

  • Kimberlyevans0

    wtf i dont care im an aries and thats that stupid mother fuckers

  • Loveless

    The stars didn’t magically flip in 2009. It has been a gradual change in the last 2,000 years! The dates change by a few days every decade or so. To be completely accurate you would have to find a chart that was based off the exact sky positioning at your moment of birth. You people that are all like “I was always told I am a (whatever), so I am no matter what.” You are morons! Use your brain. Divining personalities from astrology is fake anyways, why are you so damn bothered? Cause you were a fake your whole life?

  • Loveless

    Because the chart is showing before and after. November 29th-December 17th is Ophiuchus, the 13th Zodiac sign

  • Loveless

    Finally! Someone who can think!

  • Loveless

    I think you just might be the biggest idiot on here. These Zodiac signs have only been in place for about 2,000 years. Humans were around then. Gradually the earth has tilted on its axis and thus the stars in the sky at one given moment have changed over time. If you were born 2,000 years ago you would have gotten to keep your sign, but if you were born in probably the last several decades, then these are closer to what the stars positioning is.

  • YoKo bOkO

    Um, you don’t know that. No living person or thing knows the end of the world. Only God does.

  • goat Law

    this is EXACTLY what I said and believe!!!!  i’ve studied astrology for 15 years now (i”m 27) and being a capricorn this IS the most practical and actual fact of it; i didn’t think i’d ever read a post that was aligned with my views. 

  • Zara

    I am a Capricorn and according to this new sign, I am an Ophiuchus To know more about this new zodiac sign, check out this article

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