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Kate Middleton Name-Alikes Struggle With Their Celebrity Doppelganger Status

By Bridget Tyler on February 15th, 2011

Is your daughter daydreaming about being Kate Middleton, future Princess and walking “fairytale” love story? These actual Kate Middletons are living the dream, sort of, and wishing they weren’t.  Women all over the world sport soon to be Princess Catherine Middleton’s not so uncommon name are struggling with the fall out of being a future princess with none of the rewards.  You know, like ACTUALLY being a future princess.

Some of them are just sick of being teased about their name, or asked if they’re the future princess (though frankly, one could only take being confused for the gorgeous budding fashion icon as a compliment).  Others have been shut out of Facebook accounts and forced to go to great lengths to prove they’re not impersonating the future monarch.

Kate Elizabeth Middleton, a school teacher in Kent, England, hadn’t heard of Prince William’s romance with Kate Middleton when she took her husband, Mark Middleton’s, name in 2004.  Now she’s contemplating going back to her maiden name for a while, just to avoid the fuss.  She tells the AP that she thinks Facebook should examine the pages of the dozens of supposedly imitation Princesses they’ve shut down.

“My status updates aren’t about a lady set to marry a future king,” she told the AP. “Just things that someone with children would do.”

She’s hoping that things will die down once the royal wedding is past.

“Soon she’ll be Princess Catherine or Princess Kate and I can just be plain old Kate Middleton again,” Middleton said. “Fingers crossed. Otherwise I might cry.”


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