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Tord Korsvik, 10, Blows Away Judges on “Norway’s Got Talent” – Watch!

By Bridget Tyler on March 30th, 2011

The chatter of talent show clips from around the world makes it hard to pay too much attention to all the talent that’s floating around out there these days.  Tord Korsvik, age ten, may be the exception to the rule.  This little dancer’s performance on Norway’s Got Talent last week left the judges stunned and is drawing eyes from all over the world.  The amazement is well deserved.  Tord does an amazing routine, full of the robotic pop and lock moves that even professional dancers on shows like So You Think You Can Dance? often struggle with.  Reality television may have its less than socially responsible moments, but when it gives talented kids like this the chance to shine and to get the support and encouragement they’ll need to pursue their dreams its hard not to stand up and cheer.


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