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Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Controversy: New Chin or Just Weight Loss?

By Bridget Tyler on May 6th, 2011

The internet just loves it when Bristol Palin makes a move.  Any move.  Whether it’s getting paid questionably large amounts to do abstinence PSA’s or possibly using that money to get a chin implant, which is the latest scandal around the Alaskan political kid turn famous teen mother.   Looking at the photos of a much slimmed down Bristol that have been flitting around cyber space, it’s very hard to tell whether she’s had surgery or not.  Many of the more reactionary tabloids seem certain, but women often lose weight in their faces first, so it seems very possible that she’s just dropped a few pounds.

As one commenter on Gawker pointed out, Bristol did get called out pretty mercilessly for her extra pounds while she was on Dancing with the Stars. Though the twenty year old has never looked particularly overweight to us, it’s easy to understand how public discussion of her weight could lead her to want to slim down.  We only hope that she didn’t decide she needed surgery as well.  Her face was already beautiful, so if she really has gone under the knife for the sake of a more defined chin, that’s a shame.

That being said, it’s also her business.  Bristol has made a career out of the press’s fascination with her life, so we maybe have a little less sympathy for her than we might otherwise, but its hard enough to maintain a healthy attitude about your weight as a young woman.  Having the world comment on it ad nausium must be awful.  Lets cut the kid a break, shall we?

  • Samsparks23

    She looks like a Kardashian sister.

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  • Anonymous

    She looks very different now. When I saw the “after” picture, I didn’t recognize her. I wouldn’t have thought it’s the same person. Who knows about plastic surgery. But she certainly looks very very different.

  • cosmetic surgery sydney

    i think if she had cosmetic surgeries done on her face, what do we care? as far as i can remember she’s a private citizen who choose to have cosmetic surgery as like anybody else had done it.

  • sam

    So we turned to an expert: Robert Emery, a Washington oral and cosmetic facial surgeon who seems like a dispassionate observer. (“Is that one of Sarah Palin daughters?” he asked when we called. The dancing teenage mom, we explained.)Emery studied closeup photos of Bristol taken last fall, before the December procedure, and two weeks ago. His verdict?“It does not appear she had ‘corrective jaw surgery,’ ” he told us. “Her occlusion, ‘her bite,’ appears normal and well aligned in November of 2010 with no visible changes in April of 2011.” It’s clear to him that she’s undergone “some procedure on her chin, either a genioplasty or a chin implant. It also appears as if she has had liposuction under her jaw, a submental lipectomy.”In layman’s terms: Sounds like cosmetic work.

  • Lipo

    She is really looking different than soon. I am thinking that she has gone for liposuction and chin surgery. Because she totally changed and looking slim than soon.

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